Happy Aging! Nutritionist shares tips for adults over 50

Despite all efforts, no one can stop the inevitable aging process. Over time, the body begins to show the signs of aging and it is a natural process. Nutritionist Anjali Mukherjee recently posted a post on her Instagram space in which she explained the situation and stated that controlling the aging phenomenon is out of our reach, but how we deal with it is not. She also listed some dietary changes that can help people slow down the aging process. While she advised people to set their own pace to deal with it, she suggested the following tips

  • Anjali advises people to start by changing their diet to make it healthier. She starts eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as they will provide you with the antioxidants you need.
  • Later, he advised people to reduce stress. To achieve this, you can start seeing a counselor or start meditating.
  • People should make sure they are physically active and go to the gym regularly or start exercising for at least an hour.
  • Connect to life and do the things you love to do. learn a new skill.
  • Get enough sleep and make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Taking supplements is important. For this, he advises people to diagnose their micronutrient deficiency or to see a doctor who can help diagnose it and then take the appropriate supplements. This way you will be able to prevent your body from collapsing.

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