Handicapped man earns crores by growing chillies

Uttar Pradesh-based farmer, Alok, made a fortune after deciding to grow Capsicum. Now he earns crores annually.

The disabled farmer has not had an easy life. Along with struggling with daily chores, Alok also had to suffer from poverty. Because of this, it became increasingly difficult to take care of his family as well. However, the man had only 1.6 acres of land.

Alok is physically challenged due to polio in his childhood. In his family, his mother and sister are also disabled. Under such circumstances, it became more difficult for his family to take care of the family.

Alok’s father was also a farmer and his only source of income was agriculture. In the era of poverty, a magazine appears as a messiah in Alok’s life. In the article, he read about the methods of growing chili peppers and later began to cultivate them.

However, the initial days were not easy and Alok had to suffer a loss. He began farming the land he owned. But in the beginning he had to suffer many losses due to lack of knowledge and experience in this field.

Failure is the key to success! And Alok proved the idiom correct by not giving up easily. He learned from his mistakes and started growing chilies over and over again until he learned how to grow them properly.

Fortunately, Alok’s second attempt turned out to be successful and gradually he started earning. This boosted his confidence and later took his story to social media where he received a lot of praise and encouragement. He was also offered a lot of help from other social media users who helped him grow chillies organically using state-of-the-art technology.

He took a risk again and started farming, renting more than 24 acres of land. Alok then earned an income of Rs. 1 crore. Where the price of his crop was Rs. 15 lakh, he earned a profit of Rs. 85 lakh.

Today, Alok is an inspiration to many and has already started training more than 500 farmers in his area. Other farmers also started cultivating chilli after learning from Alok. Now the disabled person earns well and takes care of his family with ease.

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