Gwendlyn Brown, the daughter of Cody and Christine Brown has come out as bi*xual

It was revealed on Sister Wives that Gwendolyn Brown, the daughter of Cody and Christine Brown, identifies as bi*xual, while she also finds attraction to “those who fall on different gender spectrums.”

During the Oct. 16 episode of the TLC program, the 21-year-old daughter of Cody and Kristin Brown came out and said, “I’m bi*sual.” I’m not just attracted to women, she added, “I’m attracted to guys and people who fit on other gender spectrums.”

The episode, titled “True Telling,” was released about a year after Christine revealed her split from Cody after 25 years of marriage. The former marriage also has Aspin, 27, Mykelti, 26, Pedon, 24, Isabelle, 19, and Trulli, 12, in addition to Gwendolyn.

With his sister Mary Brown’s wives, Janelle Brown and Robin Brown, Cody is also the father of 12 other children. Christine revealed to producers in a separate confession that she made the connection between Gwendlyn’s sexual orientation and Leon Brown’s coming out as gay during the 11th season of Sister Wives in 2017.

Cody Brown's daughter comes out as bisexual
Cody Brown’s daughter comes out as bisexual

(Leon later came out as transgender, calling himself te/them.) Christine said, “I knew right away” and that she and Gwendolyn have since had “wonderful conversations” about sexuality. Christine even claimed that her daughter “teased me about having crushes on celebrity women and being a bit weird too” on a regular basis.

Christine said: “I’m not but she likes to make fun of me about it. “Blake Lively, Kelly Clarkson and Emily Blunt are my female celebrities. They are just so gorgeous and I can’t help but adore them. But it would only go so far. I am absolutely right.”

Gwendlyn seems to be only in love with her partner Beatrice Queiroz. After dating for four months, the two moved in together this summer. Gwendolyn celebrated a milestone of their relationship in September by uploading a touching Instagram tribute to their six-month anniversary chocolate fondue party. Gwendolyn captioned photos of herself hugging Beatrice, I lost my mind at her planning skills.

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