Gulshan Devaiah’s Shiksha Mandal Series Review & Ratings

Shiksha Mandal web series review: Gulshan Devaiah, who has been working in the Hindi film industry for some time, has always worked in films and series with new content than normal ones. His latest web series “Shiksha Mandal” is now available to stream on the MX Player streaming app. Let’s go into the detailed review of this new web series to find out if this series is worth streaming our time.

Review of the Shiksha Mandal series


Set in Bhopal, the story follows Aditya Rai, who discovers that her sister Vidya Rai has failed to show up for the medical entrance exam, and the Special Task Force (STF), which is tasked with investigating a string of mysterious murders. A case involving the blackmail, kidnapping and murder of students in Bhopal and Indore, and involving some of the most prominent people, falls within the purview of SP Anuradha Singh Srivastav.

Cast and crew

Shiksha Mandal’s cast includes Gauahar Khan, Gulshan Devaiah, Pavan Raj Malhotra, Rajendra Sethi, Iram Badar Khan, Shivaani Singh, Jaihind Kumar and Kumar Saurabh. The series is directed by written and directed by Syed Ahmad Afzal. The photography in this series is handled by Subhransu and the editing is handled by Kamesh Karna.

Series name Shiksha Mandal
Director Syed Ahmad Afzal
Music director N / A
Producer Piyush Dinesh Gupta
Genre Crime, thriller
Launch Gauahar Khan, Gulshan Devaiah, Pavan Raj Malhotra, Rajendra Sethi, Iram Badar Khan, Shivaani Singh, Jaihind Kumar and Kumar Saurabh
Cinematography Subhransu

Shiksha Mandal Verdict of the series

In India, we have seen many educational scams in recent years. Whether it’s the engineering school scams or any other entrance exam scam, the news fades very soon, as these scams have been subjected to some powerful politicians. This series is made on the concept of medical entry scams based on some real life incidents. Picking such a controversial concept and making it look real on screen isn’t that easy. But this series manages to engage audiences with its raw and realistic approach to scam.

When it comes to acting, Gulshan Devaiah has once again proven that he picks the subjects that best suit him and that he has some noteworthy things. He was brilliant as usual. Gauahar Khan looks fine in some scenes. It is Pavan Raj Malhotra who will be remembered after watching this series. The interpretation of him is one of the highlights of this series. He can fit into any type of role and give his best. It is sad to see such talented actors who have been ignored for mainstream films. All the other actors did their part well as required for the series.

Technically Shiksha Mandal looks good. The music of this series is fine and fits the mood of the genre chosen for this series. The photography handled by Subhransu is good, although the series is shot in Bhopal and surrounding locations, we can sense the dark environment that is usually seen in some crime-prone locations in India.

Director Syed Ahmad Afzal should be appreciated for his writing and realistic approach to the content, without adding many commercial elements.

Overall, Shiksha Mandal deserves serial streaming for its taw content and realistic execution.

Plus points:



Performances by actors

Negative points:


Few unwanted scenes

Rating: 3/5

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