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Series cast, timing, history, real name, Wiki and more of Gorintaku (Star MAA): People enjoy watching this serial for the same reasons they love watching other popular serials. Most viewers love the ensemble cast of the show.


Srivalli (Kavyasree) is an orphan who becomes the centerpiece of a popular Telugu-language serial drama. Srivastava’s background is initially obscured by readers.

Gorintaku (MAA Star)

Srivalli, the protagonist, is adamant in avoiding getting married, but meets the criminal citizen Pardhu and the two form an unusual bond; Will this become love, or is there something more that the girl is keeping hidden from everyone?

Cast of Gorintaku

Kavya sree like Srivalli

Cast of Gorintaku

Nikhil Maliyakkal like Pardhu

Cast of Gorintaku

Rithu Chowdary like Gayatri

Cast of Gorintaku

Anju Asrani like Ambika

Cast of Gorintaku

Maneesh Reddy like Nivedh

Cast of Gorintaku

Devisri GarĂ¹

Sri Rithika



Anjali Kotipati

Gorintaku times

From Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm, Star Maa broadcasts the Gorintaku serial. In addition to the cast, this series has become increasingly popular.

channel name MAA star
Serial times 19:30 (Monday-Friday)
Execution time 21 minutes
Start date 29 July 2019
Tongue Telugu
Village India

Gorintaku story

Over time, he develops feelings for Pardhu, a local hitman who works for Bheem, and eventually proposes marriage to Srivalli. Pardhu discovers the truth about Srivalli’s story. From the beginning, Srivalli (Kavyashree) kept her story a secret from the public until it was time to disclose it to Pardhu (Nikhil Maliyakkal), who had expressed interest in marrying her. A former employee and now a full-time volunteer, Srivalli is an orphan. When Chaitanya, brother of Ambika (Anju Arsani), was promoted to a managerial position, he developed a sudden desire for her. Janaki’s eldest son Nivedh (played by Maneesh Reddy) intervenes as Chaitanya approaches to molest his mother.

After some discussion, the two sides reached an agreement and began making preparations for an engagement. However, the ceremony was interrupted when Suguna awoke from a coma and revealed that Pardhu had killed Srivalli’s ex-husband, Nivedh. The couple were shocked by this revelation and Srivalli once again began avoiding Pardhu. Pardhu is given a second chance by Murthy to prove her innocence. The surveillance footage of Nivedh’s stabbing by a group of thugs was discovered with the help of Bheem, the head of Pardhu, and this convinced Srivalli to return to Pardhu.

Serial name Gorintaku
Genre Drama
Start date 29 July 2019
End date April 24, 2021
No. of episodes 446
Times Mon to Fri 19:30
Execution time 21 min
Channel MAA star
Tongue Telugu
Director Sanjeev Reddy Lingala
Producer / I. Fazilla Sol and Veena Sickand
Production house N / A

Telugu audience members can watch Gorintaku, who tells the story of Srivalli, an orphan, on their favorite TV show (Kavyashree). When the story first began, the public was unaware of Srivalli’s backstory.

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