Google starts testing passkeys for passwordless login

Validating security for passwordless access is already a reality for those with an account Apple eo Microsoftbut this was not yet available to users in the ecosystem of Google.

Access keys are essentially a confirmation of identity that makes it easy to fill in important fields without having to enter a password for each website or application. Then, who uses android and the browser Chrome You can have a more peaceful life. Understanding how it works in practice and the challenges of making it work.

What would the access keys be?

Whenever you need to log in to a website, instead of entering a password, you will use identity confirmation to log in. It will no longer be necessary to enter passwords, as everything will be updated with a single (or more) access key.

Access keys for connection without password
The resource has been present for several years in various ecosystems (Photo: Disclosure)

Access is released only after fingerprint reading, PIN entry, iris reading or other security factors. You would stop using passwords and would simply use access keys to log into your account on the most diverse websites and apps.

To allow passwordless access to devices from different brands, the Google highlighted in his blog post of the Android developers who joined the Apple, Microsoft and other companies that are part of the consortium FIDO alliance Comes from W3C.

Using Google security keys on an Apple device
Access on other devices would be via a single password (Image: Disclosure)

The main objective is to allow the continuity of the access keys between different ecosystems and devices. For example, if a person with a Google need to access a website on a running computer Mac OS, simply scan a QR code using a smartphone with a passkey and validate using this second device. All without having to enter the password on the unknown computer.

Today is yet another milestone, but our work is not finished. Google continues to engage in a world where users can choose where to store their passwords and now their access keys.

Google on the release of access keys to users.

Implementation depends on the developers

Now that you have released the tool via the WebAuthn API for developers of websites and applications for Android, the Google needs these professionals to provide the support to really start the test.

Using Google security tokens on a website for passwordless login
Developers must offer support for the novelty to work (image: playback)

Everything is expected to start by the end of the year, but the company likely expects a good rate of websites and apps to follow the same path for the start of testing. To use the access keys, you must be in the test program of the Google Play services or have the latest version of Google Chrome canary color installed on your computer.

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