Google Play will make it possible to track the installation of apps on different devices

Google Play wants to make it easier to track app downloads and installs on connected devices. A dynamic that you can manage from your mobile, for example.

Among other things, this avoids having to switch between devices to see the progress of installing an app.

Google Play will make it easier to track app installs on all devices

We have already seen that the Google Play Store has made a lot of changes in the past few months. For example, it has a new review system that delays posting for 24 hours. A dynamic to prevent fake game and app reviews.

It has also updated its policies to prevent apps and games from showing intrusive ads, and is even rolling out new payment methods in some markets. And you will also see that more details have been added to the app files so that users have all the information they need before installing it on their devices.

On the other hand, it has also improved the ratings related to each device. You will see the ratings that apply to the device you are currently using appear. And now a new update is added that allows users to monitor the installation of an app on all their devices.

In other words, from your mobile you can check the progress of an installation on another of your devices. An easy way to check downloads and installs without having to have all your devices close at hand. Of course, this dynamic only applies to devices linked to the same Google account.

As mentioned in AP, this new dynamic doesn’t seem to be coming with the latest version of the Google Play Store, so it’s possible that it’s a server-side update. If you still don’t see this change, please be patient, it may take some time to reach all users.

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