Google changes ‘Ad’ label for mobile search results to ‘Sponsored’

In an effort to help users distinguish paid content from organic material, Google announced that it will add a “Sponsored” label to ads that appear in mobile search results.

According to the company, its current goal is to display the tag prominently and comprehensibly in all forms of paid content.

Instead of having a simple “Ad” tag, paid results will now have a “sponsored” tag that appears in bold, large letters. Previously, they only had the “Ad” label.

“This new label and its prominent position continue to meet our high standards for distinguishing from search results and build on our existing efforts to make paid content information clear.” said Mona Vadjolahi, Group Product Manager, Search.

Google will change the ad label to Sponsored
Google will change the ad label to Sponsored

The search page upgrade is rolling out in stages to mobile devices and will soon make its way to search results displayed on desktop computers. Google also said it’s adding site names to mobile search results so you can see at a glance which website is linked to each result.

“We’re also updating the size and shape of the favicon (logo or website icon) that appears in Search to make it easier to see on the page. We will extend these changes to search ads to increase clarity and transparency for advertisers at a glance.” the company informed.

People go to Google to find information from a diverse range of sources and forms, ranging from well-known companies to individual content producers and spanning text, images and video. With the new changes to the search page, people should be able to learn more about the sites they visit.

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