Good morning does not make Bremer regret. And for Schuurs there is no rush

The class of ’99 held up well against Immobile. Bremer misses a little less and Schuurs has more time to study Juric’s game

Nice game played by Torino today. In perfect style Juror, with that almost demonic aggression, aimed at compensating the adversary initiatives. For sixty minutes the game held up, then inevitably the grenades had to give something to Lazio, technically stronger and less indebted. Gutted among the singles in that abundant hour of the match, the best in the field was Alessandro Good morning. A game of great attention, against a sharp opponent for any defender of the top flight. CirĂ² Property has had few opportunities to really hurt his former team, thanks to the excellent marking of Buongiorno, this evening full of compliments from any television studio. The boy born in ’99 did not need an acclimatization period to take the reins of the grenade defense. Despite the absence of Monza, Buongiorno immediately assumed the role of leader of the rearguard which in theory, from the farewell of Bremerhe should have become the weak link in Juric’s lineup.

Good morning, a security before seeing Schuurs

The Toro system at the moment therefore seems to work, even without the Brazilian. The good morning tonight did not make him regret. A good starting point, which will obviously have to be confirmed in the months to come. But this will most likely not be Buongiorno’s fate. Sooner or later he will have to move to the left, where Rodriguez seems to have a distinct advantage at the moment. And so the product of the nursery – “Bull’s heart”Juric called him: he could (or is already doing so) be the ferryman of Perr’s new purchase Schuur.

The former Ajax will naturally have his time to adapt to the defensive system and to what Ivan Juric asks of him as a central. Tonight the coach can be satisfied and not go crazy for the haste of having the Dutchman immediately available as a defensive pivot. Buongiorno has proven to be fine and therefore there is time to be patient and make sure that Schuurs memorize a score that so far does not suit him 100% in terms of characteristics. The good morning will be the hen and, if this continues, the Taurus can be considered in good hands.

Alessandro good morning
Alessandro good morning

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