Ghana To Face Legal Consequences Over Failure To Account For GALOP

Dr. Clement Apak, a Parliamentary Sub-Commissioner for Education, expressed concern about the government’s failure to submit audited financial statements relating to the GALOP project to the World Bank.


The deputy said the situation could have disastrous consequences for the country.

Ghana could face legal consequences if we are unable to submit verified finances within 30 days, he added.

The Ghana Accountability Project for Learning Outcomes (GALOP) is a five-year project aimed at improving the quality of education in lower-performing basic education schools and strengthening equity and accountability in the education sector in Ghana.

The World Bank-sponsored project focuses on the 10,000 lowest-performing basic schools (nursery, primary and middle schools) and 28 specialized schools.

It also emphasizes the strengthening of the responsibility of the entire education system.
Non-Gallup schools will benefit from project interventions to strengthen system accountability, develop a national assessment strategy and conduct national standardized P4 assessment tests.

In addition, all schools will benefit from a teacher distribution and transfer strategy which ensures an equitable distribution of trained teachers in all schools across the country.
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The World Bank has written to the Ghanaian authorities that it has not received the audited financial statements for the year ending December 2021.

The statement also stated that for more than 10 months the World Bank has not received the required audit reports under the terms and conditions and compliance of the audits.

For this reason, the World Bank has given the country’s authorities 30 days to respond or face sanctions.

Dr Apak reacted and expressed his concern and wondered why the officials had not provided the verified finances.

He wrote: “The Gallop Saga: According to the letter, the World Bank is angry with the government for the delay in submitting audited financial statements as required. Ghana faces legal consequences if necessary action is not taken within 30 days. The GALOP project carried out by the Ministry of Education.

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