Gezari Matuda in weekend bikini shows amazing view

Fighting machine Gezari Matuda enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation and shared photos with his followers. Photo credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Gezari Matuda took a break from kicking ass to enjoy some time in the sun in a tiny bikini.

The five-time world champion uses her Instagram Stories to reveal where she is in the world.

She shared a Q&A post on her IG Stories, but she provided the question and answer.

Gezary shared the information about her whereabouts on her Instagram account, where her 203 thousand followers receive regular updates from the gorgeous athlete.

Although her fans and followers couldn’t comment publicly or share likes, they could reply to the photo and very likely appreciated the share.

Gezari rolled her hips, revealing her tanned skin and toned physique.

Gezari Matuda rocks a skimpy bikini in Bali

Gezary wore a black two-piece dress with pink, blue and yellow floral motifs. The swimsuit was unique, strapless, adding to the fashion vibe of the look.

This weekend was no exception as Gezari revealed to his followers that he was in Indonesia.
Gezari looked like he was in a tropical mood as he threw his head back and smiled at the sky. She wore a bright pink flower in her natural locks behind her ear.

The Brazilian beauty was standing on a sidewalk with a grassy hill behind her. Farther off in the distance were beautiful waters and crashing waves. The blue sky looked cloudless as the athlete enjoyed the outdoors and sunshine.

Gezary Matuda bikini
Photo credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezari wrote “Sonhando” with a white cloud next to it. The word translates as “Dreaming” in English.

Gezary has been traveling far and wide over the past few weeks, recently seeing the champion in New York. The famous fighter’s mentor Anderson Silva previously discussed her strengths and weaknesses.

Gezari Matuda describes the mentality of a professional athlete

It’s no secret that professional athletes have a different physique than most people.

Professional athletes have the drive to excel; sometimes they try to win at any cost.

Gezari spoke to The Jiu-Jitsu Times about an athlete’s need for a challenge.

She explained: “It’s very difficult for us as professional athletes to live without challenging ourselves.”

Gezari continued: “So we’re always looking for new challenges. But at the same time, when we find these new challenges, we find that we don’t know how to do anything but our sport.”

Gezari likened athletes to white belts in fields other than their expertise because they focus so much energy on one thing, like jiu-jitsu.

For Gezari, however, her area of ​​expertise has undoubtedly served her well.

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