Get a Second Home Visa for 10 years in Indonesia

Did you know that you can get a Second Home Visa for 10 years in Indonesia, provided you meet certain eligibility criteria? If you have one crore rupees in your bank account, you can get a Second Home Visa for 10 years in the Southeast Asian country.

Under a new regulation issued on Tuesday, those with at least 2 billion rupees ($130,000 or ₹1 crore) in their bank accounts will be eligible for five-year and 10-year “second home” visas. The policy will take effect on Christmas Day or 60 days after the new rule is issued.

“This is a non-fiscal incentive for certain foreigners to make a positive contribution to the Indonesian economy,” Acting Director-General of Immigration Widodo Ekatyahyana said at a ceremony to open the resort island.

With the new policy in place, Indonesia joins the list of countries such as Costa Rica and Mexico that offer long-term stays to attract professionals, retirees and other wealthy people. All are looking to take advantage of the growing demand for migration opportunities as legions of educated workers, known as digital nomads, seek to use their newfound post-pandemic freedom to continue working remotely.

It should be noted here that Indonesia has launched a digital nomad visa in 2021 with the aim of attracting visitors/tourists to Bali, which is considered the most popular destination in Indonesia for international tourists and a major source of foreign exchange earnings.

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