George W. Bush injects his anti-Trump energy into Colorado’s Senate race by fundraising with GOP hopeful Joe O’Dea

Former US President George W. Bush performs the national anthem before the game between the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park in Camden Yards on Sunday, August 21, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland;  Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a Save America rally in support of Republican candidates in the September 17, 2022 federal and state elections at Coveley Center in Youngstown, Ohio.

Left, former US President George W. Bush at a baseball game on August 21. Right, former US President Donald Trump at a rally on September 17.Getty Images

  • Former President George W. Bush supports US Senate candidate Joe O’Dea.

  • O’Dea, a Republican from Colorado, has repeatedly stated that he does not want Trump to run again.

  • Bush campaigned and donated Trump foils in Georgia, Alaska and Wyoming.

Former President George W. Bush has agreed to raise money for US Senate candidate Joe O’Dea to partner with another Republican who doesn’t want to see former President Donald Trump in the White House.

O’Dea, who is vying to oust Democratic Senator Michael Bennett in a state where Joe Biden beat Trump by nearly 14 points in 2020, has repeatedly said he expects Trump to be in 2024. Stay away from the race.

“I think a lot of people are ready to take our country forward,” O’Dea said this summer. Five ThirtyEight Forecast shows three-time legislator Bennett up 10 points.

Bush’s approval of O’Dea’s offer for Bennett – first briefed on Tracks with the former president’s two-term efforts to keep the Trump scandal out of politics – according to NBC.

Bush condemned the rebels on the US Capitol in January 2021 and maximized his political contribution. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, both in favor of Trump’s impeachment,

Bush also campaigned with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp ahead of a bitter GOP primary with Trump-backed David Perdue. Trump was invited to Purdue, which lost his Senate seat to John Ossoff, a Democrat, in January 2021 for attempting to oust Kemp as punishment for not accepting Trump’s baseless allegations of election fraud.

Kemp easily defeats Perdue now faces a November rematch with Democratic government candidate Stacy Abrams.

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