Garoppolo blames offense for Niners’ sluggish defeat

ATLANTA (AP) – Jimmy Garoppolo chipped Dibo Samuel in his penultimate possession, fourth and -2 over Atlanta 19. The ball bounced off Samuel’s hands and fell to the ground with 2:18 left.

Trying his best, Garoppolo failed to put the Niners’ attack back on track in the second half when San Francisco exited Mercedes-Benz Stadium in a 28-14 defeat to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

The Niners (3-3) went scoreless in the last two quarters. Garoppolo made a long effort for Charlie Warner who slipped through the tight end in possession of the ball and was intercepted by Jaylin Hawkins on Samuel’s next drive.

This essentially sealed San Francisco’s fate and ended a two-game winning streak. Garoppolo had completed 72 consecutive passes with no choice until he was intercepted in the last training session of the first half.

“He’s only on offense,” Garopolo said after completing 29 of 41 passes for 296 yards, two scores and two picks. “It’s not up to us to score zero points in the second half. We just have to go back to the drawing board, get back to our football style and I think the rest will work out on its own.

The Niners did not recover from numerous injuries, especially while defending the NFL top order. Defensive star Nick Bossa didn’t wear a tracksuit due to groin pain and the team finished the game with seven defensive starts.

“It really sucks, but in the five years I’ve been here, I’ve seen it,” linebacker Fred Warner said. “The guys have to be ready to go and be ready to win no matter what happens.”

Manager Kyle Shanahan thought the game was turned at the end of the second quarter with the Falcons third and -12 on their 39. Quarterback Marcus Mariota, under great pressure, rushed to the center of the defense for 15 yards. Shanahan thought his team should play this game.

From there, Atlanta collected 20 yards near Drake London and received a 16-yard run from Caleb Huntley, before Mariota ran for a 3-yard score and took a 21-14 lead 57 seconds before half-time. left before.

Garoppolo followed with a harmless interception just before half-time, and the Niners were released in the second half because the attack failed to capitalize when the Atlanta offense struggled.

“We knew from the beginning of the game how this team was built,” said Shanahan. We knew it was going to be a physical match, we knew we had to defend the ball, especially by going a little short. We knew we had to come out strong. So cross the field on that first drive, what I thought was this brutal and shaky touchdown return to take us to the 14-0 hole.

A foul in the first quarter resulted in Jeff Wilson Jr. looking to go 1 yard in the middle and Ration Evans kicked the ball. AJ Terrell recovered for the Falcons at San Francisco 22 and ran 21 yards before tight end George Kittel forced a fumble that Atlanta Hawkins recovered and ran 4 yards for TD.

He put the Niners in the 14-0 hole and they never recovered. Things only got worse in the second shot of the last period, when Garoppolo threw deep for Samuel, but the ball was recovered by Hawkins for a 14-yard lead for Atlanta’s 45.

San Francisco returned the ball to their 1 after Atlanta punt and went 19 before Garoppolo and Samuel failed to connect on the fourth down.

“I thought we had opportunities all day,” Garopolo said. “I thought we had so many opportunities, we didn’t take advantage of them. In fact, our own wounds.


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