gameplay and customization have been revealed!

After a sublime cinematic announcement, EA’s new racing game shows us what’s under the hood.

A few days ago, EA announced (after some leaks) the succession of its cult racing franchise Need for speed. The new game titled NFS: unconstrained it takes a real turn, not on the street, but on the artistic side. Permission goes to the stand for a refurbishment that shouldn’t be disappointing. With a subtle mix of realistic graphics and animated special effects reminiscent of Arcane and such productions, the studio here has a nice new evolution of its classic recipe.

Of a release scheduled for December 2nd, the communication around the game promises to force nitro. The first marketing impetus comes from the disclosure of race fragments and the customization of the game’s effects. EA is already preparing to reassure players that they prefer a game without flashy colors and other frills.

The new generation of jewelry

the “street view”Of Need for Speed ​​takes on another dimension with a spring onion artistic direction. With characters directly from a production likeEntergalactic and the special effects that come with it, EA manages to perfect a new visual identity that the franchise desperately needed. The first fragments of gameplay show a perfect synergy between these two diametrically opposed styles.

It will be possible adjust the smallest details of his car’s special effects and turn them off if they interfere. With such extensive customization, it’s a safe bet that the rest of the vehicle will be modular as well. EA also makes it implied in a reassuring tweet:

Yes, it is possible to disable the effects. It is also possible not to install them on the vehicle like any other part of a car.

True essence of the previous episodes, the famous drifts to Fast & Furious they are back in this episode, in an even more bling envelope. Motorcycle racing from EA and Criterion promise an explosion of speed and color when Need for unbridled speed coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series next December 2nd

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