Fugitive and daughter, 15, killed in California police shootout

A California police shootout has killed a man suspected of killing his wife and 15-year-old daughter. The man was also suspected of murdering his wife.

During a press conference Tuesday, Sheriff Shannon Dikus of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said the chain of events began with a murder. The suspect’s name is Anthony John Graziano.

The Fontana Police Department sent out an Amber Alert because they believed Graziano was with her 15-year-old daughter, Savannah, after the incident. Dikus later said the tip, which had information about Graziano’s car, was sent to the California Highway Patrol.

At 10:25 a.m. local time on Tuesday, someone called police and said they thought they saw Graziano’s car. At Interstates 395 and 58, where Barstow deputies arrived, they “came across the suspicious vehicle,” Dikus said.

“A pursuit ensued and as a result of that pursuit, the suspect immediately began firing at our deputies, putting several rounds through the windshield of the patrol unit,” Dikus said.

He also said the chase went down Interstate 58 until it reached I-15 near Glenwood. At that moment, another police car came.

“The suspect [was] returning fire on our deputies the entire time,” Dikus said, adding that the suspect shot at the second car, causing it to “be damaged.”

The shooting continued down I-15, near Victorville and Hesperia, where the suspect “continuously fired at deputies during this time.” While still on I-15, the suspect pulls off the road and several police cars attempt to stop him.

“As a result, a shootout ensued. During this shootout, the suspect vehicle comes to a stop – at which point the suspect exits the passenger side of the vehicle wearing tactical gear,” Dikus said. “This subject begins to run towards the sheriff’s deputy and falls down during the shooting.”

Deputies then began clearing the vehicle to “secure it and provide medical attention,” he added. He said police believe the subject was Savannah and that Graziano was driving. Dikus said the medical examiner has yet to confirm who they are.

Savannah was taken to a nearby hospital, but at 11:52 am she died there. Dikus said the investigation could take a day until police figure out what happened. He later said it’s possible Savannah was involved in the shooting, but authorities are still investigating whether she was carrying a gun.

“The only weapon we can confirm at this time is a shotgun that was taken from the suspect vehicle,” Dikus said. The sheriff said a deputy was injured when a piece of shrapnel struck him in the face during an exchange of fire.

ABC 7 in Los Angeles captured video of the shooting. The video shows deputies running toward a car. A white 2017 Nissan Frontier pickup, like the one described in the CHP Amber Alert, was also seen on the side of the road with an open door and a flat tire.

Before the Amber Alert was sent, Graziano is said to have shot and killed his wife near a local elementary school, according to a statement from the Fontana Police Department shared on Facebook Monday.

Officers were dispatched to the area and when they got there, they found a woman “with multiple gunshot wounds.” They took her to the hospital, where she was found dead.

“The guy just came down the street and shot. He started shooting in that direction,” neighbor Andy Davis told ABC 7. “Hit those trees, houses across the street. They say the bullets bounced off the street and the woman tried to run for her life, but unfortunately she was hit. After she was hit, I’m guessing he shot her a few more times.

During what FPD called a “domestic violence incident,” the school was placed on lockdown.

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