Fraud in the name of loan in Pali: Blank checks signed on the pretext of getting home loan were fraudulent in the bank

Under the pretext of obtaining a home loan of Rs 15 lakh, a case arose for placing a signed check in the bank in the name of filing a home loan file in the bank. The police opened an investigation by recording a case.

Falna SHO Surajaram said that Bedal (Bali) son Mohanlal Hiraram Prajapat, a Bali resident, made a report in which he found Kagdi (Bali) Rajendra Singh son of Bhawani Singh Charan from Pali district at Falna railway station on April 1st. His wife Renu Kanwar is said to work in a private bank in Udaipur. If anyone wants a home loan, I’ll take it. That said, he fell into their trap and took the cell phone number. A few days later, she called and told Rajendra Singh that he needed to take out a home loan.

On this he met at a hotel near Bedal. There he took the rent of the house, 12 blank checks, Aadhar paper, photos and other documents according to his instructions. He specified that the mortgage file must be prepared and filed with the bank and assured that the mortgage will be made in 2 months. On July 14, 2022, he received a text on his cell phone to get a check for Rs 4.80 lakh and Rs 4.30 lakh. In a panic, he called Rajendra Singh but didn’t get the call. In such a situation, he went to his he village of Kagdi but was not found there either.

After that, he went to the Udaipur private bank to look for her, but he was not found there either. On 10 October 2022, the son of Mohanlal Hiraram Prajapat, a resident of Bedal (Bali) at the Falna police station filed a complaint against the son of Kagdi (Bali) Rajendrasingh Bhavanisingh Charan and his wife Renu Kanwar from the Pali district as a surety. and scam. Registered. The police are involved in the investigation of the case.

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