France will increase its military presence in Romania

Bucharest: France will deploy armored personnel carriers and tanks to central Romania by the end of October to reinforce the NATO battle group stationed there, the defense ministry said in a statement in Bucharest.

A company of armored personnel carriers and a company of Leclerc tanks from the French army will be sent to the city of Cincu in central Romania both by rail and on wheels, Xinhua news agency quoted the statement as saying.

The Forward Presence Battlegroup (BGFP) was established in Romania in May by transforming the allied multinational elements within the NATO Response Force deployed in the country.

Led by France, the battle group is based at the Joint National Training Center in Cincu, where it carries out missions and training activities alongside the Romanian Army.

France aims to boost its military presence in Romania and will deploy additional armored vehicles and tanks there, French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornue said on Tuesday.

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