Fortum’s situation was tense on the stock exchange – the result of Investors House was disappointing

On Monday, the stock exchange in Helsinki ended with a clear decline along with the global stock markets. Investors’ faith in price appreciation in July-August has decreased. However, no specific new information came to the market on Monday for investors to evaluate.

The general index of the Helsinki Stock Exchange OMX Helsinki ended down 1.2% at 10,825.82 points

On Fortum subsidiary Uniper reported last week that net losses for Russia for January-June widened to 12.4 billion euros due to Russia-related issues. Fortum will announce its own results on Thursday. Fortum’s share price has fallen for four consecutive days, with the price falling 4.4% to 10,465 euros on Monday.

Carnegie raised its price target on Fortum from EUR 10.50 to EUR 11.00 and reiterated a hold recommendation. The detailed information provided by Uniper facilitated the analysis of Fortum’s situation and the analysts’ target prices, which were widely distributed, converged somewhat. For example, Danske Bank lowered its price target on Friday to €12 from €13.50 previously.

Kone has a new regional manager for China

Elevator company machine named China as its new regional director and board member Joe Bao . Bao moves in with Kone of Microsoft from the position of regional manager for China. He succeeds the one who retires to his post William B. Johnson .

China is a key market area for Kone and the company is suffering from the problems of China’s real estate industry and strict corona policy. Kone’s share price fell 2.1% to 40.27 euros replacement of the director responsible for supply chains and the director of strategy and development in the management team. The share price fell 1.5% to 3.91 euros

Colleague bank initiated negotiations to modify possible staff reductions. The company’s fixed costs have risen sharply since it merged with the banking operations spun off from Evli. The company’s share price fell throughout the day, but bounced back higher in the early hours of the day to end up 1.9% at €0.43.

of Sitowen two separate block deals were made with the shares, in each of which more than 600 thousand shares were exchanged at a price of around EUR 3.2 million. Both stakes were just under 1.7 percent of the share capital. The share price ended at €5.06, up 0.4%, led by the giant stores.

Investors House’s result was disappointing

The organization, which organizes financial rounds of unlisted companies, published its results in the morning Spring cardigan and an investment company House of investors .

Springvest’s year-to-date report offered no surprises. The company’s turnover and operating result improved compared to the comparison period and met the expectations of Inderes, the only company that monitors the company.

The company’s share price fell by 0.3 percent to 6.18 euros.

House of investors the result does not match the comparison period and forecasts. The company’s turnover fell to 1.9 million euros in April-June from 2.5 million in the comparative period. The company’s net income fell to 0.6 million euros from 1.1 million euros in the previous year.

Investors House’s share price fell 4.4% to 5.16 euros.

Interest raised Firestone price target to €0.72 from €0.70. The recommendation was also slightly improved to a reduce level, while the previous recommendation was “sell”. The large swing share ended down 6.0 percent at €0.733.

Inderes counted Fondia from the level of addition to the level of reduction of the recommendation. The target price remained unchanged at EUR 7.00. The share price fell 4.1% to 6.60 euros.

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