Former Buffy actress Emma Caulfield announces her MS

After keeping her MS diagnosis a secret for over a decade, Buffy and WandaVision star Emma Caulfield has decided to speak out. When Emma Caulfield (formerly of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was diagnosed with MS, fans were shocked.

The 49-year-old actor revealed his MS diagnosis to Vanity Fair after keeping it a secret for more than ten years. In 2010, while Caulfield was working on Gigantic under executive producer Marty Noxon, he woke up one morning with the feeling that “a million ants were crawling on the left side of my face.”

The Wanda Vision star sought advice from an acupuncturist after experiencing mysterious symptoms and also had an MRI. Facial muscle weakness that improved over time was the initial diagnosis made by Caulfield’s neurologist.

Emma Caulfield
Emma Caulfield

The MRI results were delivered to Caulfield by her doctor while she was doing her hair and makeup for Gigantic. “He then informed me, ‘You have MS.'” At one point, “In this case, the performer remembered.”

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“Experiencing it was like an out-of-body adventure. No, that can’t be right, I tell myself. Incredulous, I ask, “What are you talking about?” Loss of vision, fatigue and inability to coordinate are just some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, a disease that attacks the central nervous system.

Caulfield’s father was diagnosed with the same condition before she herself. More often than not, MS is passed from parents to offspring. Caulfield married actor Mark Leslie Ford in 2017, the couple has a 6-year-old daughter.

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star went public with her MS diagnosis because she wanted to be there for her daughter. Due to the “luck of the draw”, Caulfield estimated that she had a 30% greater chance of contracting the disease. She is such a remarkable little creature and it got me thinking about her and how happy and active she is.

Working on WandaVision was difficult

Caulfield explained that her MS symptoms usually worsen in the summer due to the combination of heat and stress. However, the actor made it through WandaVision’s outdoor shoot in Atlanta’s oppressive heat.

We never planned to shoot any of these big costume scenes outdoors [in late summer], Caulfield said. “Everything was expected to happen in the spring, but it never happened. Something pushed him.

Emma Caulfield
Emma Caulfield

Agatha: Coven of Chaos will mark the return of Caulfield’s Sarah Proctor/Dotty Jones character from Wanda Vision. Agatha Harkness, the powerful witch from WandaVision, will be the main character in the upcoming sequel and spinoff.

The 49-year-old actor had this to say about his role in the new show: “It’s super fun.” “There’s a few things actually. There’s one more thing I can’t reveal though.

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