for the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I Sported a Full-blown Pubic Wig.!

Rooney Mara says she used a pubic wig for all of her reveal sequences in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The actress admitted that she “talked a lot”. The intimate of Lisbeth Salanderthe issue of race sparked a heated debate among the production team.

Asked by Metro if there were any key moments in the film that audiences might miss, Mara provided the following answer: “In response to this request, I ran out of serious answers; however, I can think of a humorous answer to this question.

“Because I spent a a long time in his underwear throughout the film, there has been a lot of discussion about my merkin. And I seriously doubt that a significant number of people notice the enormous attention being paid to this. However, many conversations have revolved around this topic.

“Well, you know, in the book he should have Strawberry blonde hair to start with and she dyes itso we had a special Merkin made that was, you know, strawberry blonde to fit in, “the narrator said.” Well, you know, in the book, she’s originally supposed to have strawberry blonde hair and she dyes it. “

Mara admitted that she “never thought twice” about the abundance of footage related to the film’s nudity.

There was no time to think, he said. “I didn’t have time to worry or question anything; I just showed up there and felt comfortable.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will debut on December 20 in the US and Boxing Day in the UK.

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Rooney Mara’s net worth

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara is a famous actress in the United States who is currently worth $ 20 million. Despite the fact that she Mara began her acting career with roles in low-budget TV series and films, she became a household name after landing a number of starring roles in critically acclaimed films in the early 1920s. years 2010.

Rooney is well known for her philanthropic activities and for being the heir to not one but TWO dynasties of professional football, namely the Steelers and Giants.

In addition to her acting career, Rooney has won other awards. Her extended family continues to own and manage both teams. The extended families of Rooney and Mara are rich each with billions of dollars from the ownership of these two National Football League teams.

Rooney Mara Early life

On April 17, 1985, Patricia Rooney Mara was born in Bedford, New York. Rooney attended Fox Lane High School and graduated in 2003. She grew up with four other children in a neighborhood just outside New York City. She then spent months traveling on an apprenticeship program in Central and South America.

Before attending New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, he attended George Washington University. Rooney Mara studied psychology, global social policy, and charity in college. In 2010 she completed the program.

After seeing old movies and musical stage shows, Rooney developed a passion for the show. She also admired Kate Mara, her older sister and a working actress. She started acting when she was little, but initially she refrained from making it her career. However, she appeared as a guest in student films while she was attending NYU and at the age of 19 she began rehearsing for major roles.

Rooney Mara report

Rooney Mara

In 2016, Rooney Mara began a relationship with actor Joaquin Phoenix, with whom she starred in the movie “Her” and numerous other projects.

During their time together, Rooney Mara has also appeared in numerous other films. They moved together to Hollywood Hills in 2017 and a year later, in 2019, they announced their engagement. In 2020, various credible sources said Mara and Phoenix are expecting their first child together.

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