for Lorenzo Brown’s “failed job” to point to the NBA

It is clear that Spain It’s not what it used to be. And maybe you’d better get used to it, because there are some tough years ahead. In recent years, the national team has closed some of the most iconic chapters in its history. The latter belong to players like the brothers gasoline or Philip Reyes. And before names like Jorge Garbajosa, Jose Manuel Calderon or Juan Carlos Navarro.

Key parts of two decades of wonderful basketball and success that spoiled an entire country. They say every past time was better, and while there is always an urgent need to look forward, because that’s what life is all about, it’s impossible not to look back and see with nostalgia what was and what the team of Sergio Scariolo.

It is Spain who will no doubt try to fight for the medals in Eurobasketball, but that he is not part of the favorites, even less, and that he will have to wait for the failures of the strongest teams by name. The France, Slovenia, Serbian, Greece or Lithuania seem to begin with some advantage over Spain, which is in transition, in limbo, to which absences such as those of Sergio Rodriguez Y myrotic or injuries such as Ricky Rubio.

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While Scariolo’s team is in the preparatory phase for the next one European championship Disappointingly enough, a lot of fans are wondering if this can be fixed before the disaster or if this is the sad reality that awaits when the clock starts counting down the seconds to meet the new king of the Old Continent.

Sergio Scariolo gives instructions during a match

Sergio Scariolo gives instructions during a match

AFP7 / Europe Press

Bad results, worse feelings

In recent months, doubts have arisen with the national team. The simple fact of looking at the calculations that were made to know which players will make up the national team has already led to the assumption that the level will not be, much less, what has been seen in previous times when they were winning world championships or when they were winning Olympic medals they were fighting against the same USA.

The daisy was defoliated while accepting the resignation of Sergio Rodriguez, the injury of Ricky Rubio or the absences of Alex Abrines, Nikola Mirotic or Serge Ibaka. Players, they all clamored to lead this team in the past, but now they are gone, unfortunately for an entire country.

The dramatic situation that the base post is going through has also brought with it the controversial case of Lorenzo Brown. His call-up, apart from his performance in those games, was not good news for the national team or for Basketball Federation. He attacked the serenity of the National Team and drove the animosity towards everything related to the team to sky high. If the levels of illusion were already at rock bottom, this dose of tension has drowned what little expectations there were.

So far, Spain has played four preparatory matches for EuroBasket, which starts in early September. Some meetings that have ended have confirmed that it is indeed raining, and a lot on the national stage. In addition, one circumstance happens and that is that the worst Spain in a long time has to be measured against teams that have not had the level they have now for many years.

Slovenia on DoncicSerbian JokicGreece on Antetokounmpo or France of Gober they get even bigger if the selection in front is this one. Something like what happened to yesterday’s rivals when they faced Gasol and company’s Spain.

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Luka Doncic during a match with Slovenia

Luka Doncic during a match with Slovenia

Europe Press

Of the four matches played, Spain won only one, the second of them. He began by getting beaten 86-70 by Greece only to get his revenge a few days later with an 87-80 win. Of course, Giannis Antetokounmpo was not in the second game, a very remarkable fact considering that in the first game he scored 31 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.

After the double confrontation with the Greeks came another double battle with Lithuania Domantas Sabonis. Two more losses with 82-77 and 78-76, which signed the worst preparation phase of the national team in a long time. Little by little those of Scariolo gave some shape to their ideas and things went better, but the truth is that the image is still very weak.

Spain has two more matches before the start of EuroBasket. However, they will not be friendlies as they will be match-ups FIBA windows classification for world in 2023. Iceland Y The Netherlands They will be rivals. Two accessible rivals that should serve Spain to reach the EuroBasket without a negative balance in their preparation. The debut in the continental tournament will come on September 1 against Bulgaria. Georgia, Turkey, Belgium Y Montenegrin are the other opponents from the group stage.

Scariolo’s Doubts and Confidences

Spain’s road to EuroBasket is worried about the results, but above all about the sensations. The national team’s performance was not good during the four matches played. He left flashes, some flashes, but one blip suggests that in a tournament with the demands he will face, it could turn into an early exit.

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Sergio Scariolo’s team revealed many of their problems. The greatest of all is in the direction of the game. Spain does not have a guard at the level that knows the team and makes it play. Trust Cinema Kolom is insufficient and failed at the last moment Lorenzo Brown it seems to shine only in an individual aspect, but not in a collective one. Also, there is a lack of success from beyond the perimeter and the issues in the paint are huge. Going up against players like Jokic or Gobert will be a test.

It has already been seen when players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Domantas Sabonis or Jonas Valanciunas were in forward positions, at a good level. Centimeters, strength, quality and presence are missing. The rebounding hole threatens to be important and is the area where this team can be hurt most easily.

Returning to the case of Lorenzo Brown, the preparations showed what was already criticized during the formalization of his naturalization. He is a player of an acceptable level in Europe, who in such a team could stand out with sparks, but it was not a decision to try to fight for EuroBasket. At times, he shone in the goal-scoring aspect, but failed to lead the team and take the lead as a conductor of an orchestra.

Lorenzo Braun, between two of the EuroBasket titles won by Spain.

Lorenzo Braun, between two of the EuroBasket titles won by Spain.


He steadily increased his playing minutes, reaching 26 against Lithuania in his best game in which he scored 18 points, leading hopes of a comeback. However, he needs to enjoy a lot of ball and a lot of shots to stand out. If not, it becomes irrelevant. In another one. In his debut against Greece, he scored 7 points and dished out two assists. In the second match with the Greeks 8 and 5.

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His best performance came against Lithuania with 11 goals and 5 assists and this last 18 points in his best game. However, he abused penetrations, missed a lot of shots and waged a war alone because he is not a point guard to put in front of a team game.

He ended up averaging 11 points, 2 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 1.3 steals for a 10.8 PIR in 21 minutes on the court. And the sense that his best performances are in the three, over 54% success rate, and in his combinations with Willy, when he can take advantage of his defenders. Other than that, little more than a scratch. Not enough for a national team that has been dancing to the tunes of Calderon, Ricky or Sergio Rodriguez lately.

Another problem with this team is the lack of brightness of its theoretical stars. not even NBA prove decisive. The best player on the tour was Willie, averaging good numbers in the three games played as he missed the fourth as Lol Y Rudy Fernandez. But even so, the suspicion remains that before he dominates centers, he will continue to suffer as he has in the NBA.

The most disturbing feelings, however, left players like Juancho Hernangomez or Usman Garuba. They were expected to step up to be the leaders of this team and right now, given their poor form, they are not even guaranteed a place in the tournament when it should be unthinkable.

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“Some of the players who have been in the NBA this year are still far from getting used to how it is played in Europe again. We look forward to them, but we also need a sense of urgency because we need to make up ground quickly. I believe they can do it.” That was the message Scariolo left them after the match with Lithuania. It is possible that a surprise will come in the form of a wake-up call to grit their teeth on the way to EuroBasket.

Juancho Hernangomez, with the national team

Juancho Hernangomez, with the national team

AFP7 / Europe Press

The roadmap indicates that there will be two more dumps before the Windows match and that the final list will be offered later. Other players who should tread carefully despite their patches are Joel Parra or Xabi Lopez-Arostegui. Names that seemed fixed and that did not convince Scariolo at all. The fitness level of Sergio Lull and Rudy Fernandez could also be another key to the roster.

Finally, Spain managed to have some security on the way to EuroBasket. Willy Hernangomez, unlike his brother, emerged as the strongest player in the team. He will be the standard, the man through whom the dreams of the national team pass. And their contribution will have to be added by others upstream, such as Dario Brizuela.

The other positive aspect that Spain showed, especially in the last game against Lithuania, is the defense. From there, the boys from Scariolo will have to build on their victories. Given the lack of talent up front, closing the hoop well, as happened in the second half against the Lithuanians, will be key. With an acceptable team physically, well-tuned aids and closing the hoop, the national team can make small positive steps. Although he will continue to suffer when it comes to closing rebounds due to his lack of inches. Many doubts and strange feelings about Spain, which lost its luster on the way to the next EuroBasket.

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