Flipkart supplies iPhone 14 for iPhone 13

Various e-commerce websites including Flipkart and Amazon are currently running sales this festive season. Some users have complained about receiving unrelated and strange products instead of their original order during this sale. For example, a man allegedly received detergent bars instead of a laptop he ordered on Flipkart.

However, there are some lucky ones who received some unexpected things instead of their order which brought them immense joy. A lucky person has reportedly received an iPhone 14 instead of an iPhone 13 from Flipkart.

The incident was shared by a Twitter user named Ashwin Hegde. He tweeted about this confusion and shared some pictures. Users claimed that one of his followers ordered an iPhone 13 from Flipkart but received an iPhone 14 instead of the 13. The man reportedly bought the 128GB model of the Apple iPhone 13. However, Flipkart delivered a boxed iPhone 14 to him.

“One of my followers ordered iPhone 13 from Flipkart but got iPhone 14 instead of 13,” reads the caption of the images.

Here is the tweet shared by the man:

The tweet went viral and garnered tons of responses from twitterati.

“And people are giving crap about Flipkart!! This is such a Dayavaan company,” wrote a Twitter user. While another person commented, “they prove it’s the same phone, the only difference is the sticker.”

And another user wrote, “Lucky iPhone 14 instead of iPhone 13! They make mistakes like this and to manage the loss, others are forced to be stuck with defective products.”

Earlier, the e-commerce website came under fire after several iPhone 13s that were on sale at a discounted price during the Big Billion Days sale were cancelled. Netizens took to Twitter and other social media to express their displeasure and complained about their canceled order.

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