Five sports to fight sagging without going to the gym

control muscle laxity and therefore of sagging skin This is one of the main concerns for many women and especially after crossing the barrier of fifty.

And this is that from this age the skin loses its original components such as collagen, elastin and therefore also its firmness, smoothness and hydration.

However, laxity does not appear overnight, it can also be a consequence of sudden changes in weight, stress, improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and tobacco consumption, hormonal imbalance…

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It is to avoid it that it is essential, in addition to practicing healthy lifestyle habits, applying astringent creams and knowing the best ways to combat it, to choose prevent it and help reduce it through a gesture as healthy as exercise.

Of course, not all sports serve to exercise the same muscles, and not all of them will be able to help you fight this laxity, which is often located in the legs, arms and buttocks.

It is so that you can, in addition to keeping your body in good shape, avoid sagging and without having to visit the gym, here we reveal to you the five best sports, with which you will notice your skin and muscles smooth and without sagging. To take into account.

5 sports to fight sagging without going to the gym:

Cycling. Easy pedaling sessions combined with intense pedaling for at least 45 minutes a day will help strengthen your legs and prevent laxity from affecting that area. So a great option for outdoor sports is to take your bike and pedal for a few minutes a day.

If you want to complete this routine while strengthening your arm muscles, you can complete it using liter or half liter bottles and do exercises with them at home by raising your arms to shoulder height for a few sets and then you return them to their original position.

Swimming. Another ideal sport for maintaining flexibility in both legs and arms is swimming, and although when we talk about this sport, you can directly associate it with a gym or a sports center with a swimming pool, the truth is that you can benefit from from doing it during your summer days and beach. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of your visits to the beach to go for a swim to help keep your arms, legs and bum smooth.

Running. Running is also a very effective exercise to prevent sagging and you can do it outside without going to the gym. practicing running legs and buttocks will be tight and smooth and of course away from that annoying flabbiness. In addition, by accompanying each step with an arm movement, you will make the exercise even more complete and help prevent laxity in this area as well.

Climbing. One of the modern sports could not be missing from this list and it is also known as one of the most complete. With climbing, you will not only be able to fight with relaxed arms and legs, but you will also be able to exercise many other muscles in depth such as abdominals, back, glutes, even the muscles of the legs and arms.

To do it, you can choose to go on an indoor or outdoor climbing wall, but you can also choose to do it on a rock and outdoors. Of course, always make sure you do it safely, so don’t hesitate to go with someone who is an expert or start with the help of a qualified guide in this sport.

Skates. If you are looking for a very complete exercise to say goodbye to sagging and cellulite without the need for a gym, ice skating is undoubtedly a great option for you. A sport you can practice outdoors, sliding through the parks and alleys of your city.

It is an aerobic activity that moves the whole body, activates blood circulation and burns a large number of calories without even realizing it. Legs and buttocks work intensively in this sport, so regular practice will guarantee you slim legs with tight, defined thighs and buttocks without sagging. If you accompany this exercise with arm movement at the same time as you skate, you will also be able to avoid laxity in this area.

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