Firefighters save dog after fire engulfs three-storey home in Padbury on Wentworth Way

Firefighters saved a dog’s life by administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation after a fire ravaged a house in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Emergency services were called to the three floors of Wentworth Way at around 00:40 on Friday, with three people and a dog fleeing the property.

Witnesses said firefighters performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the dog before taking him to the vet for further treatment.

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District Officer Darryl Browning said the house was completely engulfed in flames when the firefighters arrived.

He said the smoke detectors saved the occupants.

“The smoke detectors alerted the occupants and saved lives tonight,” Browning said.

“This is a reminder for everyone to have smoke alarms and make sure they are operational.”

It is understood that the fire was accidental.

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