Finland’s prime minister takes a drug test after her party videos scandal

sledge marine He has already been drug tested after his party video scandal. The Finnish Prime Minister confirmed this Friday has passed the test which will determine if he uses drugs. This decision comes after demands from the opposition and part of the public opinion in Finland, who demanded that he take action after he was heard in one of the leaked recordings the expression “vein flour”. A hint of cocaine uttered by one of Marin’s companions in the private meeting that appears in the videos. In which Marin appears dancing and singing with some friends.

The results of the test of the head of the Scandinavian government will meet next week, as she herself announced in an appearance before the Finnish media. At that press conference, Marin insisted he had done “nothing illegal.” In addition to showing his anger at the publication of moments that belong to his private life.

This defense that she was just partying has marked the strategy of the Finnish “prime minister” since the video case broke. By these, he assured that I didn’t do anything different “than other people my age do”. A fact that corresponds to his youth, as he is only 36 years old. In fact, in 2019, she became the youngest Prime Minister in the world when she was 34 years old.

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