Fans react as Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are seen together for the first time

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid have been photographed together for the first time since they sparked dating rumors earlier this week.

The Oscar winner, 47, and the supermodel, 27, were seen looking cozy at Casa Cipriani in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood on Saturday night. In the photos obtained from Daily Mailthe two were spotted sitting close to each other as DiCaprio tried to make small talk with Hadid amid the raucous party.

The Don’t look up the actor was dressed in a black t-shirt and matching black baseball cap, while the model wore a white top and baggy jeans.

The duo sparked romance rumors earlier this week when a source said people that the two are “getting to know each other” but not yet dating.

“Leo is definitely after Gigi,” another source told the publication.

A third source said: “They were seen hanging out with groups of people. It’s only been a few weeks since the breakup. Since then, he has been hanging out with friends and family.

Leonardo DiCaprio was previously in a relationship with 25-year-old actress and model Camila Morone. The couple announced their split in August after four years of dating. Throughout his dating history, DiCaprio has become well known for his pattern of dating women no older than 25.

Following the news of his blossoming relationship with Hadid, many social media users couldn’t help but crack the same joke that comedians like Kenan Thompson, Amy Schumer, and Rebel Wilson pulled at a number of awards shows this past year; Gigi Hadid is the oldest woman DiCaprio has dated in nearly two decades.

“Can’t believe we successfully bullied Leonardo DiCaprio into dating older women and now he’s getting Gigi Hadid,” one person tweeted.

“Truly and honestly shocked by the cycle break,” said another user. “We did, we bullied Leo into dating someone in his late 20s.”

A third person wrote: “Leonardo DiCaprio is dating Gigi Hadid who is over 25,” while another user said: “The only purpose behind Leonardo dating Gigi Hadid [is] to debunk the theory that he only dates girls under 25”.

Considering Titanic star recently received criticism for his so-called “no one over 25” rule, some users weren’t so convinced that his relationship with Gigi Hadid was the real deal.

“Oh his PR team 100 percent cast her because she’s 27 lmao,” one person claimed.

Another user shared: “Blink twice if your PR team asked for this Leonardo DiCaprio.”

While Gigi Hadid may be the oldest woman Leonardo DiCaprio has ever dated, she’s also the first person he’s dated who’s a mother. Hadid gave birth to daughter Khai in September 2020, who she shares with ex Zayn Malik. The former One Direction member and the supermodel dated on and off for nearly six years before officially calling it quits in October 2021.

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