“Family Law”: Victor Garber and Jewel Stait’s father-daughter dynamic

On the CW’s Family lawafter personal injury attorney Abigail Bianchi’s (Jewel Stait) marriage breaks down and she shows up to court drunk, only one attorney will guide her to still practice: her estranged father, Harry Swenson (Victor Garber). , the smug boss at the top of a Vancouver family law firm.

How heavy is the collection?

(Credit: Courtesy of The CW)

Abigail finally meets her half-siblings!

Perfectionist lawyer Daniel (Zach Smadu) also works at the firm; Dad’s favorite, Lucy (Jenelle Williams), a psychologist, practices across the hall.

To prove herself, stubborn Abigail plays dirty.

“Act now, ask for forgiveness later,” State says of her motto in her first case: persuading a client to sue a sperm donor for backdated child support.

Harry is skeptical – and impressed.

Garber says, “Abigail is probably smarter than he is, but he would never admit it.”

Family lawPremieres Sunday, Oct. 2, 8/7c, The CW

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