Facts About Anton Turkalj, Who Is Prepared To Light It Up In UFC 279

Anton Turklj, a graduate of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, made his highly anticipated debut on July 26 in the first season of Dana White’s Contender 2022 series. Last year’s competition featured Swedes. However, his visa problems prevented him from achieving his goals.

After a year, Turklej is finally back in the ring to face Brazilian Acasio dos Santos in a light heavyweight competition in Las Vegas. The match was Turklj’s first in over a year. In his last fight, which took place in April last year at BRAVE CF 50, he won with a punch in thirteen seconds.

The four-time IMMAF medalist worked with UFC contenders Khamzat Chimaev and Alexander Gustafsson to prepare for the competition.

Anton Turkalji
Anton Turkalji

Who is Anton Turklj?

Anton Turklej, now 26, struck a lightning strike and was successful in hitting, but it was his grappling that gave him the advantage in the match. In three rounds, he managed to get nine kills, use his domination of him to threaten submission attempts, and throw a few punches each time.

Joseph Pfeiffer was awarded the only contract for the event from UFC chief Dana White. White was unhappy. Turkey, who have been following the action off the bench for nearly a year and a half as they patiently waited for their moment, were delighted to finally be able to compete again.

Even if they haven’t reached a deal with the UFC, Turkey could be promoted in the near future if the terms are right. If he were to sign the contract, he would follow in the footsteps of many other former IMMAF athletes who are currently making headlines in the UFC. The next former IMMAF who will continue to fight in the Contender Series is Victoria Dudakova, who won gold for Europe without losing a single match. She will face Maria Silva in the episode of the show, which will air on August 30th.

Due to the fact that Turkey had never been defeated in Hibin’s professional career prior to his Contender Series bout, Turkey entered the fight as a favorite. The TMMA rep also enjoyed great success in his respective amateur sport. In all the competitions he has participated in he has received a medal, including a gold medal for Europe in 2017.

UFC 279. The lights are about to go out for Anton Turklej

Anton “The Pleasure Man” Turklej will face Zelton Almeida in a 222-pound match at UFC 279 on Saturday night. The 26-year-old Swedish player will make his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut in this match after accepting the match on short notice to replace Shamil Abdurkhimov.

Her most recent match was at Dana White’s Contender Series, where she challenged for a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Even though he didn’t have a contract with the UFC at the time of the fight, he still had the upper hand and defeated Acacio dos Santos with a dominant unanimous decision win. However, next week, “The Pleasure Man” will have a chance to compete in the Octagon for the first time.

Before taking part in the Contenders Series, Turkey had already played three consecutive games at Brave CF. In April 2021, he made history by knocking out Konstantin Solatov with a brilliant punch in under 13 seconds. This victory places him in the record books.

The dramatic knockout was the fastest milestone in the organization’s history, and the “Pleasure Man” later claimed he thought the way to finish was broken his arm. The Finnish organization achieved the fastest finish ever.

Chassis fighter Anton Turklj has received numerous awards

In a demo wrestling match that took place at AK Fighting Championship 3 in December 2019, the Turkish contender faced Swedish UFC icon Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson. Even though he was defeated in the fight, he looks at him lovingly.

“It was an extraordinary experience that at times seemed unreal and difficult to put into words. It is useful and has been a guide for me; He takes care of me. He is friendly. I also did some training sessions with him. After the war, Turklj gave the following interview to Aftenbladet: “Alex was the pioneer and we represent the generation that will come after him.

Anton Turklj’s career in mixed martial arts (MMA) as an amateur earned him two gold medals, a gold medal, a silver medal, a bronze medal at the Swedish Championships and a bronze medal at the World Championships.

UFC 279 features the highly anticipated Welterweight Main Event between Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz and the Welterweight Main Event between Tony Ferguson and Li Jingliang. Both of these matches are in the welterweight division. An attractive race between Kevin Holland and Daniel Rodri is also scheduled.

General information and early life of Anton Turklji

According to Sherdog, Anton Turklej participated in his first mixed martial arts fight when he was still an amateur. In the fourth episode of the battle of Copenhagen, which took place on October 3, 2015, he participated in his first amateur match. He focused on giving, which worked in his favor.

Subsequently, he won nine consecutive fights as an amateur boxer, maintaining a 10-0-0 record until June 15, 2017. Imad Hayek from Lebanon was his rival at the IMMAF event in June. 16, 2017. Eventually a judge ruled against him, but the vote was close.

After suffering his first defeat as an amateur, he won two straight wins before losing to Pavel Pahmenko at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation on November 16, 2017. He lost twice to an amateur during his time in MMA. Level. Subsequently, he won four more consecutive amateur fights before losing his fifth and final fight, which was against Mortaza.

When did Anton Turklj debut as a professional mixed martial artist?

According to Sherdog, Anton Turklej made his professional debut in 2018. On 10 December 2018, at RXF MMA 33, he faced Marius Pislario in his first professional match, which he attended for the first time. He won the match by knockout according to the rules. After that, he never looked back and went on to win the battle.

In 2019 he won three, while in 2020 and 2021 he won two each. Subsequently, following her great professional feats in mixed martial arts (MMA), she had the opportunity to compete in Dana White’s Contender Series.

Anton Turklj competed in mixed martial arts (MMA) bouts on an amateur level before making his MMA debut on the professional circuit. He participated in amateur mixed martial arts competitions organized by IMMAF, SMMAF and the Battle of Copenhagen.

Anton Turkalji
Anton Turkalji

Estimated value of Anton Turklj in 2022

It is not known how much luck Anton Turklaj has amassed. However, according to the Beginner Support website, his net worth is estimated to be between one and five million dollars, despite being a UFC fighter.

At 26, Swedish fighter Anton “The Pleasure Man” Turklj has set an unbeaten record in professional mixed martial arts competitions. The wrestling weight contest will take place on 10 September 2022 at UFC 279 between the Turkish fighter and Gelton Almeida. The wrestling weight competition will take place on September 10, 2022 at UFC 279 and Zelton Almeida will be one of the contenders.

Anton Turklj has finished five of his eight matches by knockout, two by submission and one by decision, giving him an 88% finishing rate on his eight wins.

description of the fights

  • Name: Anton Turkelji
  • Record Pro MMA: 8-0-0 (win-lose-draw)
  • Nickname: The man of pleasure
  • Current series: 8 wins
  • Age: 26 | Date of birth: 10.06.1996
  • Final meeting: 26 July 2022 DWCS. In
  • Weight class: medium-maximum | Final Weight: 214.0 lbs.
  • Affiliation: GBG MMA
  • Height: 6’4 ″ (193 cm) | Range: 78.0 ″ (198 cm)
  • Revealed career income: 0 USD
  • Born: Sweden
  • Fights: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Coach: Joachim Engberg
  • Other coaches: N / A
  • World ranking # 70

Despite failing to secure the UFC contract, Anton Turklej wins the Contender Series and is still undefeated

On July 26, the 2022 season of Dana White’s Contenders series premiered and former IMMAF Anton Turklej made his highly anticipated debut. Sweden was supposed to take part in the competition last year. But his ambitions were derailed due to visa complications.

A year later, Turklej traveled to Las Vegas to fight Brazilian Acacio dos Santos in a light heavyweight bout to break more than a year of inactivity. At the BRAVE CF 50 in April last year, he won his previous fight with a thirteen-second punch to the back.

In preparation for the competition, the four-time IMMAF medalist trained with two UFC contenders Khamzat Chimaev and Alexander Gustafson.

Turklj was the favorite in his Contender Series match as he had never lost before in his professional career. The GBG MMA rep has had considerable success as an amateur as well. He has received a medal in all competitions he has participated in, including a gold medal for Europe in 2017.

Turklj did well in grappling, but the performance fell short of his expectations. In his last seven fights, “The Pleasure Man” had eliminated all of his opponents, but dos Santos forced him to dig deeper and went through three full rounds.

The 26-year-old made a few attempts to take strikes and had some success in hitting, but his scrum gave him the advantage. In three rounds, he had nine takedowns, used his advantage position to threaten submission attempts, and took a few hits at times.

UFC chief Dana White, who awarded the event’s only contract to Joseph Pfeiffer, was not impressed. Turklaj, who had been waiting patiently for his chance as he watched from the shore for nearly 14 months, was still happy to be back.

If the right terms come up, Turklj could still appear in a promotion even if he hasn’t reached a deal with the UFC. If he were to sign a deal, he would join the plethora of former IMMAF athletes who currently make headlines in the UFC. Victoria Dudakova, another undefeated European gold champion, is the next former IMMAF to compete in the Contenders Series. She will face Maria Silva in the episode of the show, which will air on August 30th.

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