Fact check: False claim that Biden’s executive order requires surrendering human rights, ties to transhumanism

Claim: Biden’s executive order states that Americans must give up human rights

On September 12, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that invests in biotechnology and bioproduction innovation to promote health, climate and other issues. But some online claim that the order is tied to something more nefarious.

“The plan is no longer a secret. Biden’s Executive Order of September 12, 2022 states that Americans must renounce all human rights that hinder transhumanism, “reads an Instagram post shared on September 18.

The post also stated that clinical trial safety standards and informed consent would be abolished and that the executive order imposed crimes against humanity “to achieve the social goals of the new world order.” .

The post garnered over 350 likes in less than a week.

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But the accusation is unfounded.

Global health and human rights experts told USA Today that the executive order in no way abrogates human rights nor does it address the transhumanist movement. the claim is attached to the baseless New World Order conspiracy theory that USA Today previously rejected.

USA Today reached out to the social media user who shared the request for comment.

President Joe Biden speaks at the White House Competition Council meeting in the State Dining Room of the White House on Monday, September 26, 2022 in Washington.

Biden’s executive order will not end human rights

White House spokeswoman Samantha Reposa told USA Today in an email that the claim was “completely closed and untrue.”

There is nothing in Biden’s executive order that in any way threatens existing human rights protections, Arthur Appelbaum, a professor of democratic values ​​at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, told USA TODAY in an email.

“The second sentence of the order says: ‘At the heart of this policy and its consequences are the principles of equality, ethics, safety and security’, and this is not the only happy thing.” said Appelbaum. “The executive order is involved in these considerations everywhere.”

Ordain also says the Biden administration must “ensure that the uses of biotechnology and bioproduction are ethical and responsible; centered on the foundations of equality and the public good… and consistent with respect for human rights.

Verification of the factsBiden’s executive order will evaluate the concept of digital currency, not launch it

Transhumanism, to which Post invites, refers to the idea of ​​using integrated technology in a sustainable way to enhance human perception, feelings or intelligence. Biden’s order has nothing to do with this concept, Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University, told USA TODAY in an email. The Post’s claims about human studies are also unfounded: Participants still have the right to informed consent and strict safety standards remain in clinical trials, Gostin said.

The New World Order conspiracy theory states that an elite group is working to create a government structure that will enslave the world population and eliminate freedom. The Middleberg Institute of International Studies, USA Today rejected the early claims of conspiracy theory.

The Post also links this conspiracy theory to crimes against humanity, defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as “systematic attacks directed against any civilian population.” The United Nations. There is no such thing in command.

Our assessment: incorrect

Based on our research, we believe that Biden’s executive order that Americans must give up human rights is FALSE. The executive order states that at the center of its goals are the principles of security and equality and that the Biden administration must ensure that the use of biotechnology is consistent with respect for human rights. man. As experts confirm, the ordinance has nothing to do with the limitation of human rights, linked to transhumanism or otherwise.

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This article originally appeared in USA Today: Fact Check: Falsely Claims Executive Order Restrict Human Rights

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