Facebook warns 1 million users about stolen usernames, passwords

On Friday, Meta Platforms, Facebook’s parent company, said it will alert about 1 million Facebook users that their account credentials may have been compromised due to security concerns with apps downloaded from Google and Apple’s app stores. Alphabet Inc ..

Facebook renames itself

Jack Gillum for Bloomberg News:

The company announced on Friday that it has identified more than 400 malicious Android and iOS apps this year targeting internet users to steal their login information. Meta said it informed both Apple and Google of the problem to facilitate the removal of the apps.

The apps worked by disguising themselves as a photo editor, mobile game, or health tracker, Facebook said.

Apple said 45 of the 400 problematic apps were on its App Store and have been removed. Google removed everything [355 of] the malicious apps in question, a spokesperson said.

MacDailyNews takes: While Apple should never have approved these 45 apps for inclusion in the App Store in the first place, the yawning discrepancy between Apple’s Apple Store and Alphabet’s Google Play Store speaks volumes.

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