Facebook users will go to jail for derogatory comments

Nowadays, most people use social media platforms to express their thoughts or post something they like. Facebook and Instagram are now considered the most popular social media platforms. However, you should be very careful if you use Facebook. You can go to jail for your little mistake. Be careful if you post anything or comment on any post. Do not make such a mistake even by mistake.

Many Facebook users just use the social media platform without knowing about its rules and regulations. There are certain rules that you will have to go to jail for if you don’t follow them. If you are active on Facebook then you must know about it.

Under Facebook’s new rules, strict action can be taken against you if you comment on a poster that is racist or has any links to a particular religion.

Likewise, you will face action if you harass or insult anyone or post obscene pictures in any post. You can also face legal action if your comments or statements in any photo, video or text message are violent.

Likewise, you can also file a complaint against anyone who makes such derogatory and obscene comments on your posts. Every Facebook user has the option to report every comment. This allows users to report inappropriate comments to Facebook.

Therefore, you should refrain from such comments on Facebook so that no action is taken against you and you can use the app happily without any restrictions.

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