Facebook introduces a new design for Small Business Pages

The Facebook team has launched a new Pages experience for small businesses. The idea is that this design revamp will make it easier for companies to connect with their customers.

This new page features a simpler design, with a simpler navigation system and with basic options always at your fingertips.

New site experience for small businesses

As can be seen in the images above, Facebook has adopted a more minimalist yet functional page design. Both the options to manage the page and those to interact with customers are always available without losing sight of the feed.

We’re launching a new Pages experience for all small businesses on Facebook that makes it easier for businesses to connect with customers and other businesses, access familiar features, and achieve their business goals on Facebook.

Instead, you can easily switch from the company page to your personal profile by simply tapping the icon that you will find at the bottom. Along with the launch of this theme, the Facebook team is sharing a number of tips for businesses to grow their audience.

For example, follow every detail of the statistics presented by the page to know what kind of users your followers are. And on the other hand, keep track of the most popular posts to understand which topics get the most attention from the audience and how they can be used to reach more people.

They also mention some tips, such as not forgetting to use popular hashtags in posts so they can grab the attention of a new audience, or how to bond with followers by encouraging them to participate in suggested conversations by joining the site.

On the other hand, in order for the interactions generated on the page to contribute to a positive conversation, the administrators are also encouraged to use the moderation tools offered by Facebook.

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