Experts say the ‘affectionate’ chemistry between Prince Harry and Meghan sets them apart from Prince William and Kate

When they greeted hundreds of mourners outside Windsor Castle following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, Prince William and Kate Middleton took a decidedly different approach than Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

According to Tonya Reiman, a body language expert who spoke exclusively to Fox News Digital, there was a “huge difference” between the couples, starting with the way “they approached each other” and continuing throughout the long walk, as Harry lovingly held his wife’s hand and the newly appointed Prince and Princess of Wales, who behave more like “royals” with distance between the pair.

People said things like, “Oh my God, can you see how much love there is between a couple [Harry and Meghan]but the other pair [William and Kate] are royalty,” but royalty is “used to these things,” according to Reiman. After years apart, the new “Fab Four” finally reunited on Saturday, but it wasn’t without controversy.

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A video showing Prince William being criticized for his lack of nobility towards his bride quickly went viral as Harry rushed to be by Meghan’s side and open the car door. While Harry is understandably cautious around Meghan, Rayman pointed out that the reason he often hides his hand under his jacket is because he has never felt comfortable in the public eye, despite being a member of the royal family for nearly four decades.

Crossing his arms over his body is a familiar gesture of protection and security, and he does it habitually. “I can’t see Harry’s pain, but I can feel his vulnerability,” Rayman noted. Looking closely at Kate, you can see that she is a real princess. That person is definitely her.

So if you take a good look at Kate, you’ll see that this is basically what she was groomed for. In my opinion, there is no dispute as to who is more capable of doing this. It all came down to who felt more at home in that body, and I believe it’s Kate. Middleton’s facial expressions, Rayman said, were more demure and regal infused with an “I don’t care about you” slant because, she claimed, “She was brought up that way.

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Kate’s hugs are like bumping into an invisible wall. There is a difference between the two brothers when it comes to holding hands. More than anything else, I think it reflects what William and Kate think is “right” and what Meghan and Harry feel good about. As Harry rushed to open the car door for Meghan while William stood back and left Kate to fend for herself, Rayman noted that the discrepancies were striking.

She explained that people usually feel most relaxed in familiar surroundings. As they made their way through the tables, members of the public were greeted by a kind and approachable Megan who hugged them and chatted with them as if they were old friends. An official reportedly asked Markle to hand over the flowers she brought to the royal grave because it appeared Markle had agreed to take them there.

Kate may share the same feelings on some level, but she doesn’t show them to the same extent. That’s what’s expected of me because that’s what I was raised to do. She thinks more along these lines. “In that respect, the two brothers are very similar,” Rayman noted. Harry seems considerably more outgoing, but still very uneasy when being watched.

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He always shows signs of discomfort, such as closing his arms or raising his hand – never aggressively, but as if to say, “I need a barrier.” William has a very regal air and a “don’t get too close to me” demeanor. I guess Harry longs to be the one to come around, but is prevented from doing so by his upbringing.

As before, I don’t think it’s something he’s consciously aware of, but he’s trying, but it’s clear that there’s always something holding him back. It seems to me that he tries very hard, but ultimately fails. I see it more like “this is the line we draw in the sand and you can’t cross it” when it comes to William.

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