European Championships 2022: Happio in silver behind King Warholm, Potdevin in bronze in para canoe… What to remember from the 8th day

Eighth day of competitions in Monaco during the European Championships and two new medals have been added to the portfolio of the French clan (41 in total), on Friday 19th August. Eddie Potdevin was the first to strike, in bronze, on Munich waters before Wilfried Happio went on to win silver on the track.

In mountain bike Victor Koretzky did not go far from the podium but failed in fourth place. As for table tennis, disappointments in singles for the Lebrun brothers and for Jianan Yuan, eliminated shortly before the semifinals.

Athletics: Wilfried Happio in silver in the 400 m hurdles

Wilfried Happio outdid himself to get the silver medal in the 400m hurdles in 48 ″ 56. Having finished 4th at the World Championships in Eugene (United States) in July, the Frenchman finally gets on the podium and thus confirms his good progress in recent weeks.

Frenchman Wilfried Happio wins the silver medal in the 400m hurdles!  He is only beaten by the world record holder Karsten Warholm, author of a time of 47.12, the record of the championships.  Ludvy Vaillant and Victor Coroller finished 4th and 8th.

In Monaco he crossed the finish line behind the Olympic distance champion, the Norwegian Karsten Warholm and world record holder (45 ″ 94). The latter, who had finished 7th at the World Championships after his injury in June, broke the record of the European championship in 47 ″ 12. Ludvy Vaillant (48 ″ 79) misses the podium by one cent, behind the Turkish Yasmani Copello (48 ″ 79).

In the 3.000 steeplechase the two Frenchmen involved, Djilali Bedrani (8th) and Louis Gilavert (15th) could not do anything against the Finnish Topi Raitanen who won in front of the Italians Ahmed Abdelwahed and Osama Zoghlami.

For women, Shana Grebo defended her chances in the 200m final, for her first international final. But the French finished in 6th place (23 ″ 06), far behind the European champion Mujinga Kambundji (22 ″ 32).

After failing in her quest for the 5 thousandth gold medal in the 100 meters final, the Swiss Mujinga Kambundji takes her revenge and wins the 200 meters!  She with a time of 22.32, she precedes the British Dina Asher-Smith and the Danish Ida Karstoft.  Shana Grebo from France finished in 6th place.

Para canoe: Eddie Potdevin wins bronze

First French medal in these online para canoe European championships. Like three years ago, Eddie Potdevin tasted a bronze medal on Friday in the 200-meter sprint in the VL3 category of Va’a (Polynesian canoe). Sixth at the Tokyo Games, the 42-year-old ceist was overtaken by British Jack Eyers and Ukrainian Vladyslav Yepifanov. The other Frenchman involved in this final, Adel Aber, finished in sixth place.

“This medal has a special flavor, I was deprived of the World Cup in Canada and I had it in my throat” he explained to the microphone of France Télévisions. “I didn’t come for revenge but I wanted to prove that I was back. This is just a step towards Paris 2024, I hope my colleagues continue this momentum. “

42-year-old Frenchman Eddie Potdevin won the bronze medal in the 200m canoe for the disabled.  The tricolor was preceded by the British Jack Eyers and the Ukrainian Vladyslav Yepifanov.  The other blue in the race, Abel Aber, finished sixth in the final.

MTB: untouchable Tom Pidcock, Victor Koretzky at the foot of the podium

Tom Pidcock got off to a good start with his crazy ambition for a hat-trick in 2022. Starting shortly after the halfway point of the mountain bike event, the Briton won his first European title in the discipline. The 23-year-old will be aiming for the same metal on August 26 during the World Championships of the discipline in Les Gets, France. Those who also took a stage win in the last Tour de France will also look to aim for gold in September at the Road Worlds in Australia on 25 September.

In the fight for the podium, Frenchman Victor Koretzky finally finished fourth, unable to take the wheel of Sebastian Carstensen (2nd) and Filippo Colombo (3rd) when these two competitors took a few meters lead. . As for the other Habs involved, Joshua Dubau and Stéphane Tempier finished 14th and 15th. Thomas Griot was forced to retire.

After a slightly backward start to the race, the Briton did not tremble and won 10 seconds ahead of Dane Sebastian Fini Carstensen and Swiss Filippo Colombo.  The first Frenchman, Victor Koretzky, is 4th.

Table tennis: brothers Lebrun and Jianan Yuan eliminated in singles

In bronze in doubles for their first international competition, Alexis Lebrun, 18, and his brother Félix, 15, were eliminated prematurely in singles. The youngest suffered the law of the Swedish Kristian Karlsson in the second round (1-4) while the eldest stopped a lap later, at 8th, against his brother’s executioner (2-4).

In the women’s draw, Jianan Yuan narrowly missed her ticket to the semi-finals. She medal gold with Emmanuel Lebesson in the mixed doubles, she lost on Friday against the German Nina Mittelham (3-4). Frustrating, especially since the French led three sets to two, 9 points to 6 …

The French led 3 sets to 2, 9 points to 6, but eventually gave up against German Nina Mittelham in the 7th set and failed at the gates of the semifinal.  There are no more Frenchmen involved in table tennis.

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