Eric Ortiz dies: Former Louisville Cardinals cheerleader dies at age 30

Not so happy day for NFL fans as we just received the news of the passing of Eric Ortiz. One of the most prolific cheerleaders of our time, the news of Eric Ortiz’s passing left everyone in complete shock and awe.

Eric Ortiz died on Saturday and he was only 30 years old. Cheerleader Eric Ortiz was a former Louisville Cardinals cheerleader who won the national championship. As for the reason behind Eric Ortiz’s dying cheerleader, only small details have been updated so far.

He served as a cheerleader for the University of Louisville and GymTyme All Stars for many years and has earned numerous accomplishments, including a two-time world champion in his career. But fans are only concerned about what led to Eric Ortiz’s sudden death. Well, we have the latest on this sad incident.

Eric Ortiz died as a cheerleader at the age of 30

Eric Ortiz’s death left many people in shock, and his friends and family were quite saddened to hear the news. “This homecoming weekend turned out to be what none of us expected. One of our favorite athletes, alumni and friends we have called home,” according to the announcement from the cheerleading lounge. Cheerleaders who knew him personally, his friends and his family took to social media to show how heartbreaking the news was for them.

Gabby Butler, a famous cheerleader from Netflix‘s “Cheer,” shared an image of her and Eric on her Instagram with the caption, “You were the most beautiful soul I have ever met”, “The memories we shared are ones that not many people get to share because they were so special”. the post also states, “I love you with all my heart and soul Eric… calm my anger, you will always be missed and in my heart.”

Eric Ortiz has died
Eric Ortiz has died

Like his friends and family, even all of his fans around the world were surprised when the news of Eric Ortiz’s death as a cheerleader broke on October 22. For the cheerleading community, this is a particularly difficult time as they have unexpectedly lost close family members at a very young age.

Eric Ortez was among the most inspirational athletes in the world and the news of his sudden death means a huge and terrible loss to the entire cheerleading community.

Who was Eric Ortez?

As soon as the news of Eric Ortiz’s death broke, people everywhere began to mourn. Over the years, Eric Ortez has impressed many fans and peers with his amazing and gifted talent. Born on January 11, 1992, Eric Ortez was a gifted man from Louisville, Kentucky, America.

Growing up, he attended the College of Louisville and it was there that he discovered his passion and love for cheerleading. He has participated in numerous top leagues and competitions around the world and emerged as national champion as many as 10 times and was named world champion twice.

The statement released by GymTyme All Stars pretty much speaks volumes for what an amazing talent Eric Ortez was. His ability to stunt, flip, jump, dance, perform and do everything else on the floor was a talent that everyone appreciated. They also expressed how Eric Ortez is a leader, both in training and on the competition floor.

How did Eric Ortiz die?

When the world received the news of Eric Ortiz’s death, everyone was left with great grief. The news itself is heartbreaking as Eric Ortez was only 30 years old and had accomplished so much in his career.

However, news about the cause of death was not released. For his family, this is quite disheartening news and no official statement has yet been provided regarding the cause of death. The authorities did not reveal the real reason for the unexpected death of the public figure.

Although we do not know the actual cause of death at this time, we will update you soon on how Eric Ortiz died. The world mourned after the sudden news of Eric’s death spread across the internet. Like all other fans, we are deeply saddened and extend our condolences to Eric’s loved ones. May his soul rest in peace!

Final phases

A former Louisville Cardinals cheerleader who won the national title 10 times died suddenly over the weekend. He had just turned 30. The GymTyme All-Stars in Louisville shared the sad news that Ortiz had passed away on Saturday. They remember her as a “sweet, amazing and genuine person.”

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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