Emma Chamberlain is dating who? A look at her relationships and dating history

Well known YouTuber Emma Chamberlain spotted with her related content. The online sensation recently appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast where she discussed her channel, relationships and other topics.

Chamberlain usually keeps her romantic life quiet, but in this particular case, she talked about her past relationships without mentioning specific individuals. Some of the things she mentioned about her ex-boyfriends are as follows:

“I found that in past relationships I didn’t feel as respected by the guys I dated in the past. Because I feel like they kind of had a relationship, a relationship in particular, but it was, just like, I felt like, you know, he was very critical of the fact that I like, maybe wasn’t a super feminine girl.

“I felt like I wasn’t enough, and the areas where I was feminine weren’t enough, so I felt like there was an effort to be more feminine.”

Fans believe she was snubbing her ex Ethan Dolan. In 2018–19, the two are said to be dating while also producing content for their group ‘Sister Squad’, which also features Emma Chamberlain, James Charles and the Dolan twins.

Also, there are rumors that Chamberlain is currently dating Tucker Pillsbury, aka the role model. He is a former rapper who is now an American singer and songwriter. Emma Chamberlain Height, Age, Relationship, Family & More. you can check the full article by clicking here.

Who is Emma Chamberlain?

is emma chamberlain dating
is emma chamberlain dating

A 20-year-old American online personality from San Bruno, California is Emma Frances Chamberlain. She rose to fame in 2018 thanks to her YouTube videos and later took home the Breakout Creator Award at the Streamy Awards. She was named to the 2019 Time 100 Next and the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet

They stated: “Chamberlain has shaken up YouTube’s unofficial style guide by introducing a vlog method.” Then, in April 2019, she launched her first weekly podcast series, Anything Goes, for which she was recognized at the 12th Shorty Awards as “Best Podcast.” Emma has 11.2 million subscribers on YouTube and usually posts monthly vlogs. Check out her YouTube channel here.

Who is Emma Chamberlain dating?

according to rumors Emma is seeing Tucker Pillsbury, better known by his stage name Role Model. 24-year-old American singer Pillsbury blew up the music world in 2017 when he released the Arizona EP over the summer.

You can search for it using username @rolemodel on Instagram, where she has more than 600,000 followers. Emma decided to keep as much of this part of her life a secret as she could.

Relationship History of YouTuber Emma Chamberlain

We look at Emma Chamberlain’s unreported relationships in this piece.

1) Ethan Dolan

In early 2018, when the two were often seen together and working on projects together, there were rumors that Dolan and Chamberlain were dating. They collaborated on many videos as Sister Squad, a group they were both a part of.

Fans assumed that Chamberlain was the guy Dolan was dating when it was revealed that he was dating someone in the latter part of 2018 based on their chemistry. The two broke up in 2019 and stopped collaborating on content as well.

2) Aaron Hull

In late 2019, while the two were working together on material, rumors began to circulate about Hull and Chamberlain’s relationship. By posting a video titled “Learning to Skateboard to Impress a Guy,” Chamberlain backed up the allegations. Skateboarding is popular in Hull.

But sometime in January 2020, they split up. In a video he posted in September of that year, Hull talked about their relationship and said the two just couldn’t function as one, leading to their split. He said several things in the video, including:

“The distance and everything, the formula was too difficult. I think from my point of view.”

“Emma was the most amazing friend, I couldn’t [have] demanded more from her. She was so supportive.”

3) Tucker Pillsbury

Since they are often seen together, Pillsbury and Chamberlain have been rumored to be dating since August 2020. Fans have speculated that Pillsbury is the person Chamberlain is having a relationship with, which she admitted on the show. She said her current relationship is “wonderful” and “supportive” and that she had no “complaints” from her husband during the show.

Emma Chamberlain responded when asked about her experience on YouTube, saying that she made an effort to shape her content to match her development and didn’t let the website stop her from growing and changing. She said she is staying on YouTube and that she may take a break from her channel, which has over 11 million subscribers.

Final Thoughts:

Emma is rumored to be dating Tucker Pillsbury, whose stage name is Role Model. With the release of the EP Arizona in the Summer in 2017, the 24-year-old American singer Pillsbury made a big splash in the music world.

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