Eliza Fletcher kidnapping suspect ID’d as 2021 rape suspect

Memphis, Tennessee, wife

) – A newly tested rape kit from a September 2021 case has been linked to Cliotha Ebston, accused of kidnapping and killing Eliza Fletcher.

The DNA match came the same day Fletcher’s body was found behind an abandoned house in southern Memphis. According to the Memphis police, the sexual assault report was filed on September 21, 2021.

The sexual assault kit was delivered to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation two days later. WREG contacted TBI to find out why it took nearly a year to get a match with Abston (whose last name is also spelled as Henderson).

In Eliza Fletcher’s case, it took less than a day (18 hours) to compare the DNA found on a slipper left at the Central Avenue scene where Fletcher was kidnapped.

He responded in a statement, which read in part: “The TBI is accepting more and more DNA cases at the request of the local detective agency, as we did recently in the Eliza case. Fletcher. Identifies Cleothia Ebston as a suspect less than 18 hours after the evidence was uncovered.

The agency said the sample received in September last year was not presented as a rush case. Therefore, it was supplied with standard folders, which can have an average delivery time of between 33 and 49 weeks.

The statement went on to describe how the scientists removed Abston’s newly tested matching kit for analysis nine months after it was received on June 24, 2022, and completed a preliminary report of the results on August 29.

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