Electric car: SAIC sells first European pick-up model, the Maxus T90 EV

With the Maxus T90, SAIC will offer the first electric pick-up model in Europe. It can be ordered in the UK in August and is expected to be delivered from the first quarter of 2023, and the brochures are already online in Norway (there as “eT90”) and Poland.

However, most regulars like gardeners and landscapers or foresters and hunters shouldn’t feel directed, because as an electric car the T90 EV lacks all-wheel drive. The T90 EV is a platform truck model that has been adapted to the electric rear axle drive and is of conventional design, i.e. with a ladder frame, a rigid rear axle on leaf springs and independent front suspension on double wishbones .

The image shows a large screen but it is from the T90 Diesel.

Above is the body and, separated from it, an open cargo area connected with a rear flap. In the style of US trucks and globally successful one-ton flatbed trucks of predominantly Japanese origin, the cargo area is as narrow as the bodywork and partly continues its shape towards the rear. The vehicle is 5365mm long, 1900mm wide and 1809mm high, with a wheelbase of 3155mm. Maxus specifies the size 245/65 R17 as standard tires.

In the EV, a rotary knob replaces the selector lever.

Now available in Europe, the Maxus T90 EV’s four-door double cabin offers space for up to five passengers. The cargo area measures 1.49 by 1.51 meters with a load floor height of 530 mm, the payload is one ton, the permissible total weight is 4050 and the trailer load is a maximum of 1500 kilograms.

The electric motor has a power of 150 kW and the energy is supplied by a battery with a capacity of 88.5 kWh. The brochure shows a range of 354 kilometers in the WLTP. With a Type 2 plug, the T90 EV can be charged with 11 kW, the battery consumes up to 80 kW of DC via CCS and should take a maximum of 45 minutes from 20 to 80 percent SoC.

There are only very small pictures from the manufacturer, like this one of the presentation of the T90 EV.

In England the T90 should cost the equivalent of € 58,790, in Norway it is 55,860 (excluding VAT). Maxus is a brand of the Chinese group SAIC, which is already supplying two (soon three) battery-electric MG models to the European automotive market.


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