Election Commission’s decision: Even if family members are defaulters, women candidates will be able to nominate

The Haryana State Electoral Commission has also granted the right of appointment to women whose family members are in default of the Electricity Corporation or other departments. The commission took this action following the denunciation of Sunil Jaglan, founder of Selfie with Daughter. On Saturday, the Electoral Commission issued instructions on the matter to all district election officials in the state. Five female candidates from Haryana were enlisted by the Selfie With Daughter Foundation for the Panchayat election, in which a candidate Pinky from Bhiwani was denied by the SDO due to a power bill in her stepfather’s name.

Pinky said that I had given up all hope of being able to participate in the elections, but the actions taken by Sunil Jaglan made it possible and I am very happy that now women all over Haryana have obtained this right. Sunil Jaglan, organizer of the Selfie with Daughter Foundation and former Sarpanch of the village of Bibipur, said that all of this work does not take into account Section 175 of the Panchayati Raj Act. electricity or current loan is addressed only to the candidate and not to the whole family. He said that on oral orders from the government, women’s rights are being violated to collect bills and loans. Sunil Jaglan said that if there are no electricity meters or loans in the candidate’s name, the department and the banks should provide the NOC to the candidate according to the rules.

Sunil Jaglan called for immediate action in this regard, Prime Minister’s Office, Haryana State Commission for Women, Director of the Department of Development and Panchayat, National Commission for Women, Union Ministry for Women and Child Development , New Delhi, Haryana State Election Commission and New Delhi Central Election Commission, wrote the Human Rights Commission. Upon learning of Jaglan’s complaint, Haryana’s chief election commissioner consulted legal experts. After the legal opinion on the matter, women whose husband or father-in-law is in default of any department were granted the right to register. Complainant Sunil Jaglan was also informed about this by the Election Commissioner. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the commission sent a letter to all district election officials in the state and issued instructions to accept the women’s candidacies despite the fact that the family is in default. Two-time national award winner Sunil Jaglan is the same sarpanch from Bibipur village, Jind district, Haryana state, who started Beti Bachao Abhiyan in 2012 and the Selfie with Daughter campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi 6 times Mann Ki Baat and America. And appreciated in programs in England. In addition to this, in 2016, Sunil Jaglan’s Bibipur model was implemented by President Pranab Mukherjee in 100 villages adopted by Rashtrapati Bhavan and he also granted a grant of Rs 50 lakh to Sunil Jaglan.

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