Eight years since William Tyrrell vanished

It has been eight years since three-year-old William Tyrrell disappeared from his adoptive grandmother’s home on the north NSW coast.

But the police didn’t give up on finding out what happened to the boy, who was wearing a Spider-Man costume.

Strike Force investigators Rosann continue to prepare a brief for the coroner to determine what happened to William, who disappeared on September 12, 2014.

“All efforts are – and should be – directed at finding William Tyrrell,” Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, commander of the NSW Police Homicide Squad, said Monday.

“Our investigation is very active and ongoing,

“Various activities, including those under the coronary order, are undertaken every day.”

The police work with a large volume of information and methodically explore and exhaust each line of investigation.

“That’s it for William, and if it takes time and effort to get it right, it’s worth it,” he said.

In December 2020, a month-long high-profile search for the possible remains of the missing child ended with no apparent breakthrough.

Police dug up the garden of the foster grandmother’s former Kendall estate, where he disappeared.

They examined a concrete slab laid after this time, drained a nearby stream, and sifted the soil in the bush and around the house.

Heavy rains at times hampered investigations, which involved divers, mechanical diggers and dozens of policemen.

The $ 1 million reward for information leading up to William’s recovery and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance remain in effect.

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