Domino’s Wants You to Pick Up Your Pizza (and Pay More for It)

Domino pizza (DPZ) made its mark by offering a fast food type pizza service option. Domino’s marketing promotion to deliver a pizza in 30 minutes really helped the company grow.

The business grew by appealing to customers’ desire to sit on the sofa and wait for food to be delivered. On-time delivery was one of the key ingredients of its success.

Another key ingredient to Dominos’ success has been its approach as a low-cost pizza option. Faster delivery and cheaper pizza than its competitors proved to be a winning strategy for the Michigan-based company. The pizza business began in 1960 and has grown primarily through franchisees in 85 different countries. Since the company is mostly made up of independent franchisees, owners can determine whether their stores will charge delivery fees and at what ticket price threshold to qualify for free delivery.

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