Dollar today: the parallel price rose again and closed at $295 for sale

At the end of the week, all exchange rates went up again and the Dollar blue It closed this Friday, August 19, at $ 291 to buy and $ 295 to sell, in Buenos Aires city exchange houses and is four pesos below Friday’s closing price.

The official dollar today it closed higher and in the last few days it has been gradually appreciating. In the National Bank (BNA) currency is available at $ 134.25 for purchase and $ 142.25 for sale. On the other hand, the tourist dollarwhich is the dollar that the Argentine citizen pays for his purchases abroad, closed at $ 248.94.

The gap between the official dollar and the blue is 107%.

Financial dollars have also risen again. The “accountant with liquidation” (CCL) closed at $ 307.95. Meanwhile, the MEP ended the day at $ 295.07. They increased by 4.76% and 3.17% respectively.

The Central Bank has bought $ 145 million in the past seven rounds.

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) ended the week with a positive balance of $ 5 million and added its seventh consecutive round of dollar purchases to the market. Accumulate $ 145 million.

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