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Doctor G Movie Review: Ayushmann Khurrana is one such actor in the Hindi film industry who tries to select new scripts and present them to the public in a fun way. Even though his latest films haven’t fared financially at the box office, Ayushmann has once again come up with another story-oriented and message-oriented film titled “Doctor G”, released in theaters today. Let’s go into the detailed review of this film to find out if this film is as fun as Ayushmann’s previous blockbusters.

Review of the Hindi film by Dr. G



In the gynecology department, Uday Gupta is the only male student. His hesitation causes chaos, confusion, humor and, ultimately, a strong sense of brotherhood among his pupils. Although Uday initially has issues with his work, she subsequently understands the value of his line of work and strives to change for the better to better understand his patients’ condition.

Cast and crew

The cast of the Doctor G movie stars includes Ayushmann Khurrana, Shefali Shah, Rakul Preet Singh, Sheeba Chaadha, Abhinay Raj Singh, Paresh Pahuja, Jhumma Mitra and others. This film is directed by Anubhuti Kashyap and produced by Vineet Jain, Amrita Pandey. The music is composed by Amit Trivedi and the photography is curated by Eeshit Narain. The story of this film is written by Saurabh Bharat, Vishal Wagh.

Movie name Doctor G
Director Anubhuti Kashyap
Music director Amit Trivedi
Producer Vineet Jain, Amrita Pandey
Genre Comedy, Drama
Launch Ayushmann Khurrana, Shefali Shah, Rakul Preet Singh, Sheeba Chaadha, Abhinay Raj Singh, Paresh Pahuja, Jhumma Mitra
Cinematography Ehit Narain

Verdict of the film

Doctor G is one such movie that will make you laugh and think at the same time. This movie has a funny conversation that will instantly elicit some laughter, but make us understand the meaning underneath that scene. The first half of the movie is fun and keeps us hooked until the intermission. The second half of the film also has some scenes that make us laugh, but the emotional scenes in the second half may not create the emotional impact, as most of the film is made in a fun way, but in the end you will definitely love movies and it’s intention. to do.

While it comes to acting, Ayushmann Khurrana is choosing some interesting subjects, but her performance in each film has remained similar. She should try other characters who might challenge her acting skills, so that audiences can find the difference in his performance between films. Shefali Shah impresses with the natural interpretation of him in the role of Doctor Nandini. Rakul Preet Singh has limited screen presence and isn’t that impressive in the role of him. Sheeba Chaadha, who played Ayushmann’s mother in the film, is another striking actor with her portrayal. All the other actors did their part as required for the story.

Technically, Dr. G looks fine. The songs composed by Amit Trivedi are good and the soundtrack fits the process. Eeshit Narain’s photography is decent and some frames from the film look very colorful. The dialogue provided by Sumit Saxena is sure to evoke laughter with a bizarre interpretation of the actors on the screen. The film’s production values ​​are good.

Director Anubhuti Kashyap has been successful to some extent in entertaining audiences, but audiences may be disappointed with the film, as everyone expects something new from Ayushmann Khurrana.

Overall, Dr. G is partly funny and loses his way in the second half of the film. However, this film can be seen for a few laughs.

Plus points:



Negative points:

2nd half

Rating: 3/5

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