Did Taylor Swift have a miscarriage? Her song raises awareness

Midnights, Taylor Swift’s long-awaited new album, once again aroused very strong feelings. Parents who have suffered a miscarriage find deep meaning and words for their pain in the dark ballad Bigger Than The Whole Sky, which sits between the angst-filled Anti-Hero and the carefree Snow On The Beach.

Several Swifties and Twitter users have drawn attention to the connection between the chorus of Bigger Than The Whole Sky and what it’s like to experience a miscarriage and mourn the loss of never meeting the baby, although many argue that the song is more of a reflection of grief and losing someone in general.

In the song “Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye,” the singer sings, “You were bigger than the whole sky / You were more than a short time / And I’ve got a lot to regret / I’ve got a lot to live without.”

“What could have been would have been / What should have been you / What could have been would have been you” is a line from the song.

Whether the song is specifically about losing a miscarriage, many people have found comfort in simply hearing their own emotions expressed. “Everything I’ve felt since the miscarriage was put into words when I listened to Bigger Than the Whole Sky because all I could think about was the baby I lost. Ashley Fritz posted on social media, “I can’t fathom this creature for anything else.

Did Taylor Swift have a miscarriage?
Did Taylor Swift have a miscarriage?

Several others commented on her article, saying things like: “It so perfectly captures everything I felt before and after my miscarriage” and “I will never meet what you could, you had to make me cry on my commute.” On the Taylor Swift Sub Reddit, hundreds of people gathered to discuss Bigger Than The Whole Sky, share their tragic stories, and find comfort in a sense of community.

The best way to describe it was perhaps from a Reddit member who wrote, “I appreciate that regardless of what exactly she had in mind when she created this, that this is a song that we, as her fans, we can identify with going through some pretty terrifying things.

Rest assured that you are not alone if you have lost a pregnancy or experienced a miscarriage. As evidenced by the flood of stories, there is a whole community of parents ready and waiting to support you on your journey by sharing their own experiences and feelings. Discover the way forward after your miscarriage and get help here.

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Final lines

We’re talking about Taylor Swift’s miscarriage here. Taylor Swift’s long-awaited new album, Midnights, once again caused a lot of strong emotions. Between the angst-ridden Anti-Hero and the upbeat Snow On The Beach, the wistful ballad Bigger Than The Whole Sky gives parents who have experienced a miscarriage meaningful meaning and words for their suffering.

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