Did Janelle dump Cody Brown on the hit show, Sisters

Christine invites Cody, Mary, Janelle, and Robin over to her house to break the news, and they all record the conversation on their phones so they can keep it quiet for now. Christine begins by saying that she and Cody have been having marital problems for some time. She then informs him that she is leaving.

“There is no easy answer. What I decide will determine how happy I am. There wasn’t much hope in my life until I made the decision to leave, but I can make a choice to have joy and peace. I am convinced that this is the best option for me,” she explains.

There is a brief moment of silence before Robin breaks the ice by saying that she, too, was afraid that this would expose Christine. I knew you packed his things. Christine answers, “It’s final,” to her question of “how final it was” or “was it just a break or something.”

Robin claimed backstage that she was completely shocked: “It’s not a real calculation because… What can I say? I’m lost.” Mary is also speechless and says she is “processing”. Janelle, on the other hand, claims that she expected this challenge and still takes it hard.

Did Janelle dump Cody Brown
Did Janelle dump Cody Brown

She reflects on the difficulty of knowing something and then actually making it happen. Christine returns to the meeting and asks Janelle if she would be interested in renting her house while she builds her new home in Coyote Pass. Cody then tags in with a sidekick.

Kristin, do you feel like you have to talk to your sister’s wives because of Janelle’s need to move? he asks. Christine explains that this was the last straw for her, but she was waiting for the “perfect moment”.

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Janelle then explained that the news wasn’t all that shocking to her, but that she was worried about the impact the divorce would have on the children. Cody has 18 children from four different mothers.

“The kids will be the most challenging part, but the bond they share will be wonderful regardless. As far as I can tell, it’s still a family, we’re just going to have a new dynamic,” Kristina replies.

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