Demonstration of building workers in Narnaul: Giving a memorandum, they said – the government’s policies are not getting the benefit; board careless

On Monday in Narnaul, Haryana, the Mazdoor Construction Craftsmen Union protested at the local mini-secretariat office and sent a memorandum to the CM regarding the demands of the construction craftsmen through CTM.

During the protest, District President Sitaram said that due to the wrong policies of the government and the labor commission, workers engaged in building construction do not benefit from the passed welfare and elevation laws. The registration process has been made so complicated that workers do not enjoy the benefits of registration. Each request is rejected with unnecessary objections. For this reason there is anger among construction workers.

If the government does not respond promptly to the demands of construction workers, committees of the Construction Workers’ Union will be formed from village to village against the government’s anti-worker policies.

To make the government enrollment process simple and smooth through a protocol, the family card is required to re-launch the canceled enrollment form and receive the benefits and give benefits to those entitled, to effectively implement the proof of association. asked for its cancellation. ,

They were asked to treat the Aadhar card as Aadhar, settlement of benefits within 60 days of applying, and the registration process and benefits should be started online and offline. Many activists were present at the protest including the president of the Mahavir bloc Prasad Bhagwan, the AIUTUC district secretary Chhajuram Rawat, Sanjay Kumar, Babulal and Kalu.

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