Demi Burnett slams Aaron Clancy’s ‘hurtful’ comments about Shane Ankney

Demi Burnett conjures capable shades in Aaron Clancy’s BIP insults. Photo Credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Demi Burnett has come to Shanay Ankney’s defense after Aaron Clancy attacked Shanay’s personality.

Demi shared a humorous video but had a serious message in her caption as she suggested that Aaron’s choice of words was hurtful and problematic.

Shanae was involved in the drama of Bachelor in Paradise this week when her relationship with Logan Palmer fell apart.

During the split week, Logan chose Kate Gallivan over Shanay and the news didn’t sit well with Shanay when she returned to the beach.

Aaron didn’t approve of the way Shanay handled herself, and he suggested that she needed to go back to the drawing board when it came to her personality.

Aaron also wanted to put Shanay on a rocket ship and send her to a planet that fit her personality better.

Demi reacted to Aaron’s comments as she seemed to relate to Shanae.

Demi took to Instagram to share a video of herself with Lady Gaga’s iconic audio playing over the clip.

The text above the video reads: “I describe myself to the aliens who abduct me and take me to a planet that fits my personality better.”

In her caption, Demi began by saying, “I’m debunking this just because I know I’m going to be lumped in with Shanae so I have to find a way to laugh. But this is NOT GOOD! Claiming that women are crazy is a HARMFUL narrative that contributes to abuse, hate, sexism and ableism.”

She explained how Aaron’s comment was ableist because it implied that Shanay’s personality was “not capable enough for this planet.”

Demi also thought it was out of her pocket to comment on Shanay being locked in a padded room with a straight jacket.

Shanae Ankney and Genevieve Parisi form an unexpected friendship

Shanae is one of the most controversial members of Bachelor Nation. She ran into several of her The Bachelor Season 26 co-stars, including Genevieve Parisi.

Many viewers were unhappy when Shanae was announced as a member of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast following her offensive comments towards Elizabeth Corrigan and the neurodivergent community.

However, Shanae announced that she is new and has improved on the beach and seems to be getting along with her BIP co-stars.

During the week apart, Shanae and Genevieve bonded over drinks and formed an unusual friendship after previously being enemies.

On The Bachelor Season 26, Shanae and Genevieve clashed during a two-on-one and also threw insults at each other on Women Tell All.

Genevieve seems to have taken a liking to Shanae on the beach, but their co-star Kate Gallivan isn’t buying Shanae’s redemption arc.

Time will tell what happens next for Shanae after Logan moves on with Kate.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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