Delhi’s air quality deteriorates: Construction work halted except in Central Vista

Due to deteriorating air quality in the National Capital Region, the NCR and adjacent areas (CAQM) have banned construction activities except for Central Vista and other construction projects. national interest.

The Graduated Response Action Plan (GRAP) subcommittee decided to implement Phase III of GRAP in the NCR to prevent further deterioration of air quality.

According to the official press release, “According to this, all construction works will be prohibited except for special projects such as Central Vista and other projects of national interest.”

The ban comes the day after the subcommittee tasked with acting under CAQM’s Graduated Response Action Plan (GRAP) held an emergency meeting to address deteriorating air quality in the area.

The Environment Ministry said on Saturday that the overall air quality of Delhi is expected to remain in the very poor to severe category between October 29 and October 30 and is expected to deteriorate from October 31 to November 1, the Ministry of Environment announced Saturday. ‘Environment.

“… and for the next 6 days, air quality is likely to fluctuate from severe to very poor based on dynamic models and weather / weather forecasts.”

During the meeting, the Commission, while carrying out a comprehensive review of the general parameters of air quality, stated that due to the low wind speed due to adverse weather conditions and the sudden increase in the incidence of agricultural fires, the Phase III of GRAP must be postponed with immediate effect. through the NCR. it is considered necessary to implement. ,

“According to the dynamic model and the weather / weather forecast, the overall air quality in Delhi is expected to remain in the very poor to severe category from 29.10.2022 to 30.10.2022. Air quality is likely to deteriorate and remain severe. 31.10.2022 From 01.11.2022 to the category and for the following 6 days, the air quality is likely to fluctuate from the severe to very poor category ”, reads the official CAQM statement.

The CAQM also said that winds are expected to remain calm over the next few days and the direction of the winds is expected to change frequently. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that pollutants will be trapped in this area and not spread efficiently.

Furthermore, the CAQM invited the citizens of the NCR to collaborate in the implementation of the GRAP and to follow the steps indicated in the Citizen Charter under the GARP. In addition, a 9-point action plan has been implemented in the NCR in accordance with Phase III of the GRAP.

According to the official statement, the 9-point action plan includes measures to be implemented / ensured by various pollution control agencies and commissions of NCR and DPCC. (ANI)

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