Death sentence to the culprits in the CIA charge murder case: Family said – satisfied with the court’s decision, such people are very dangerous for the society

Following the death sentence for the murder of CIA official Ranbir Singh, the family described the court’s decision as highly satisfactory. There is also a son in his family and two daughters. The family said that we have full confidence in the justice system and that the court sent a message to society by harshly punishing the guilty that these people are not right.

For the family of the sub-inspector, residing in Jataula in the district of Gurgaon, the family has not yet fully recovered from the accident. Her daughter said she had complete faith in the justice system and that such a person would receive the harshest punishment. His father sacrificed his life for the safety of the common man.

His sacrifice saved many more lives as two murders had already been committed by the perpetrators. In such a situation, it was very important to send him inside the bars. His family has to pay a heavy price because after his father left, the family managed a very difficult situation.

However, the government gave him a job. This court decision will also become an example to punish the guilty, because all this was done by the policeman to ensure the safety of society.

There must be a sense of fear among the criminals. The daughter said that after this incident, on behalf of the police administration, ADGP Shrikant Jadhav and police superintendent Rahul Sharma were always with the family in this hour of crisis.

Who was punished … 5, 3 murder cases and one attempted murder case recorded against Naresh

Naresh Kumar, originally from the village of Kharkhada in the district, entered the world of crime in the year 2000. The first murder case against him was recorded on February 15, 2000. The case was also linked to his village where he was punished. . The second case was also registered exactly 10 years later against the defendant on July 18, 2010.

In this case, a man was charged with homicidal assault. They were also punished for this. He was released from prison in 2017 after serving a sentence of around nine and a half years, after which he committed the robbery in the Naraina South West Police Station neighborhood in Delhi. The process is still ongoing in this case.

A month and a half before the murder of the CIA official, a murder case of a Dhaba operator was brought against him in Dharuhera itself. The trial was taking place there too. When the CIA team went to pick him up in the murder of the dhaba operator, SI Ranbir Singh shot him to death.

Rewari court issued second death sentence four years ago in innocent murder and rape cases
For the second time in the judicial history of the Rewari district, a death sentence was issued in one case. Four years ago, after raping an innocent 8-year-old boy, a UP worker convicted of murder was sentenced to death by the court. This decision was also upheld across the state due to the guilty being sentenced in just 6 months.

However, on appeal to the High Court, this hanging was converted to life imprisonment. In 2018, a Madhya Pradesh worker living in a village in the Bawal region left her daughter to care for a resident UP worker living in the area. The defendant took her to her bedroom and raped her. When he protested, he strangled her to death by binding her mouth, arms and legs and hid her body in her closet.

Police filed challan in 2019

In the case of the murder of a CIA official, the police filed the challan in 2019. After this challan, the hearing of the case continued in court. After hearing all the parties, the court brought charges against all the defendants about a month ago. After the indictment, the court found the case brutal and sentenced the condemned to death.

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